10 weeks pregnant

You’re 10 Weeks Pregnant: What You Need to Know

Have you noticed a remarkable change in your body? That’s probably your baby bump growing and becoming more prominent at 10 weeks pregnant. While you’re at this stage, make sure to shop for pregnancy essentials you might need for the next seven months of body changes.

How Big Is My Baby?

During the tenth week of pregnancy, your baby is around the size of a strawberry. It will probably measure about 1.2 inches in length with a weight of 0.14 ounces on average. Get ready for this development because your baby’s length will double in just two weeks!

A hand holding a strawberry
Your baby's getting bigger by the day! They're now about the size of a strawberry. 🙂

My Baby’s Development

In this stage, your baby’s spinal cord might be visible through the translucent skin. The spinal nerves around here might begin to stretch out as well.

Aside from these, most of the baby’s limbs can now bend. The feet are already long enough to touch the other parts of the body, and the wrists are also capable of reaching the heart. The little choppers of the baby might also be forming under the gums.

Lastly, your baby’s liver is producing a large quantity of urine, and the stomach is secreting digestive juices. If it’s a boy, the little one is already capable of producing testosterone.

What Is My Baby Doing?

Your baby’s in the middle of swallowing fluid which he or she needs for his or her survival. Because of this flow of critical fluid, vital organs, such as intestines, liver, brain, and kidneys, are now starting to function.

Belly Ultrasound

If you were to check the insides of your womb in 3D, you would probably spot some little details on your baby. There might be some little hair growing on the skin of the baby. Some tiny nails might also start to form on the toes and fingers.

My Changing Body - Week 10

This week is when you’ll probably notice big changes in your body. Firstly, there will be more roundness in your lower abdomen which you’ll discover as your growing uterus.

At the same time, you might also be bothered with the blue crisscrossing lines marked on your abdomen and breasts. These are known to be visible veins. They are a network of veins which help carry and supply blood from your body to your fetus. As time progresses, these veins will be larger and more frequent to see.

Lastly, constipation is also a common thing on the first trimester of the pregnancy. To avoid this, make sure to steer away from refined bread, pasta, and rice and focus more on food rich in fibre such as cereals, fresh fruit, and dried fruits. Do not forget to take in a lot of fluid to counter constipation as well.

Common Symptoms

As weeks pass by in the first trimester of the pregnancy, symptoms are becoming more and more complicated. Here are some of the most common week 10 symptoms:

  • Morning Sickness: The tenth week will be one of the weeks with the most frequent morning sickness. Do not worry: in just three weeks or less, this hardship will subside.
  • Growing Breasts: Since your breasts are preparing themselves for breastfeeding, they will most likely get larger throughout the next weeks.
  • Leukorrhea Discharge: Due to the increase in estrogen production and blood flow to your vagina, there will also be a higher discharge of an odourless and clear substance called leukorrhea. You should not find this gross. It’s just a substance produced from the cleaning process of your body.
  • Round Ligament Pain: The growth of your baby will result in pains and aches in your abdomen area.

How Is My Life Changing?

Do not be overwhelmed with the changes happening in your body—may it be physical or emotional. These “abnormalities” you experience is a necessity in pregnancy. You might be running out of tight clothing you used to wear all the time. Having random emotional outbursts might also scare you. Just think about the health of your baby, and you’ll realize that everything is worth it.

Week 10 Mommy Checklist

Week 10 is a critical part of your pregnancy. Hence, you should make sure that everything goes right in this stage. Here is your weekly to-do list:

  • Look for new bras and underwear. Do not shop online for this. It is better to ask for help from sales associates so they can assist you.
  • Schedule both your CVS test and nuchal translucency screening.
  • Be more active. Try to at least get 10,000 steps daily.

Tips For The Partners

Your partner should not be alone in this pregnancy. You should provide both emotional and physical support to her. The best thing you can do is to pitch in more than you usually do, such as helping when it comes to household chores and doing errands.

A Sneak Peek to Your Week 11

Next week, ready yourself for more difficult pregnancy symptoms. You will suffer from bouts of migraines and headaches. But fear not: it will always be worth it after seeing the fast development of your baby.

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