11 weeks pregnant

You’re 11 Weeks Pregnant: What You Need to Know

Now that you are 11 weeks pregnant, you are carrying your baby for two and a half months now. This week is going to be a remarkable week because your baby is gradually developing his or her facial characteristics.

How Big Is My Baby?

After the first trimester of your pregnancy, the baby starts to grow in maturity. At this point, it is as big as lime or apricot. That is about 1.61 inches or 4.1 cm in length and 0.24 ounces in weight. Isn’t that amazing? Your baby is starting to resemble a human now.

A photo of an apricot against a white background (size at 11 weeks pregnant)
At 11 weeks pregnant, your baby's about the size of an apricot. Talk about a growth spurt!

My Baby’s Development

Your baby continues to experience a lot of changes at week 11, including the development of the lungs. He or she will be able to inhale and exhale amniotic fluid little by little which helps in the growth of the respiratory system. Aside from that, the ears are also growing on both sides of the baby’s head.

Certainly, your baby’s growth inside the womb is inevitable. By this time, his or her head has already improved its bones and facial structures. You will now distinguish the location of the mouth and nose. Also, the hair follicles start to appear at the topmost section of the head.

What Is My Baby Doing?

You’ve been probably thinking what your baby is doing inside your tummy. At 11 weeks, your baby’s body is starting to straighten out and get symmetrical. As it continues to prolong, your baby might be able to do some stretching, rolling, and twisting activities inside. How cool is that? But you can’t feel it just yet.

Along with that, your baby would probably start to experience hiccups since the diaphragm continues to develop.

Belly Ultrasound

Each week your baby fetus is looking more like an infant ready to go in the outside world. At this stage of pregnancy, you may see him or her lying its head towards the left side of the womb as he or she continues to grow. The head still appears to be bigger than its body, but that’s normal.

The skin of the baby keeps on obtaining more layers, making it a lot thicker than before. Facial bones, particularly the jawline, become harder for the growth of the gums. Together with the other features of the body, the baby’s reproductive organs start to be visible by the end of 11 weeks.

My Changing Body – Week 11

Your body undergoes a lot of adjustment during the 11th week of your pregnancy since uncommon food cravings occur during this time. The hormonal imbalance that is experienced by pregnant moms during their second trimester might be the cause. So be ready to embrace a bigger tummy this time since this is the start of the bloating stage. You might also need a stock of nutritious foods for the baby to grow healthy.

Moreover, your breast may bulk up since the milk glands are also subject to growth and development for future lactation activities. Breast tissues also add up to the weight of the breast. Thus, it is essential to invest in a bigger size of bra for support purposes.

Common Symptoms

Aside from physical changes in the body, you might also be experiencing emotional changes especially if you are a first-time mom. You will be experiencing symptoms which include the following:

  1. Leg Cramps. This one occurs mainly during the night wherein you will have a hard time to stretch your legs. The most common cause of this is lack of minerals. To prevent this, you must consume the right amount of water, calcium, and magnesium.
  2. Fatigue. Compared to the previous weeks, this week is going to be more exhausting. You will feel dizzy and sleepy and experience discomfort and heartburn every evening. So, it is advisable that you reduce the intake of caffeinated drinks and have a relaxing routine every day.
  3. Vaginal Discharge. Having a stock of panty liners is also recommended since vaginal discharge is expected to increase during this time of pregnancy.

How Is My Life Changing

The journey to motherhood isn’t as easy as you thought it would be. You will be eliminating habits that could negatively affect the growth of the baby inside your womb. You will go through a lot of physical and emotional changes. But after all these processes, when the time comes for you to welcome the blessing, it will be all worth it.

Week 11 Mommy Checklist

To ensure that you are going in the right path of pregnancy, we listed here a few things to do starting this week.

  1. Make sure to eat well according to your pregnancy diet.
  2. Always keep yourself hydrated.
  3. Take your prenatal vitamins to make up for the nutrients that are not provided by the food you eat.
  4. Take time to rest to reduce the symptoms of over fatigue.
  5. Take your time in doing things because rushing things might get you exhausted and trigger nausea.
  6. Always seek the doctor’s medication.

Tips For The Partners

Partners take on an important role in pregnancy. You should always assist your 11 weeks pregnant partner to avoid unnecessary events. You should also be thinking of baby names now since you’ll know the gender soon. And lastly, read lots of pregnancy guide to be informed and stay connected with the journey of motherhood.

A Sneak Peek to Your Week 12

It is surely a busy week after all. But you are finally reaching your 12th week of pregnancy. At this stage, everything is just ready as it is. The muscles, bones, and limbs of the baby are now complete. So you shall expect a heavier tummy than before.

Don’t forget to enjoy the process, because motherhood is one of the most fulfilling jobs ever.

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