12 weeks pregnant

You’re 12 Weeks Pregnant: What You Need to Know

At 12 weeks pregnant, you are now completing the first trimester of your pregnancy. Congratulations, because at this point, weird symptoms will probably start to tone down and you are already getting the hang of pregnancy. Deep down in your womb, your baby is busy with all the new developments that he or she is facing.

How Big Is My Baby?

Your baby is now the size of a plum, which is a full half-ounce and around 2.1 inches long. This is already double your baby’s size over the past three weeks. At this baby size, you now get an official baby bump! Many soon-to-be moms are more open about their pregnancy at this stage.

A hand holding a plum
Your baby's grown a little bit by week 12, and is now the size of a plum!

My Baby’s Development

At this point, most of your baby’s body systems are already fully formed but still maturing. It is the start of the next 28 weeks wherein your baby’s body organs start to get themselves to work and function. In this week, your baby’s digestive system starts moving and does all the contraction; while the bone marrow starts its job to make white blood cells for your baby’s immunity. Meanwhile, in the pituitary gland, hormone production has also begun.

What Is My Baby Doing?

At this time, your baby is about to enter the growth and maturation stage in terms of organ development. And since the brain is developing really fast, your baby is actually starting to open and close his or her fingers and also curl the toes. Your baby is also developing reflexes already as you would notice him or her move about when you touch or poke your baby bump.

Belly Ultrasound

If you haven’t heard this before, this is the time when you will finally get a chance to listen to your baby’s heartbeat! Your baby is also more clearly visualized in the ultrasound. However, at 12 weeks, gender is not usually revealed yet as the anatomy is still a bit difficult to ascertain.

My Changing Body – Week 12

12 weeks into the pregnancy, your uterus positions itself at the front center of your abdomen. Because of this, constant urination will be reduced. Also, early pregnancy symptoms such as nausea, tender breasts, and food aversions will diminish. However, you will still feel dizzy. Moreover, you will also have to start dealing with a low sex drive as hormones hit you.

Common Symptoms

Headaches start to intensify at this point due to hormonal shifts, low blood sugar, dehydration, or stress levels. You may also experience excessive saliva production, so many would recommend that you chew sugarless gum. You may also feel bloated and tired. You may experience spotting or bleeding at 12 weeks. Finally, if you ever notice different colors of discharge from your vagina, call your doctor immediately as this could be a sign of infection.

How Is My Life Changing

While early pregnancy symptoms are significantly reduced at this point, things do not get very easy moving forward. Better prepare yourself for the continuous growth of your baby bump. Although your bump may already be visible, it will still won't affect your daily activities. But from here on, it will grow even bigger so you may have to start shopping for maternity clothes as your current wardrobe may be giving you a hard time already.

Week 12 Mommy Checklist

  • Schedule your prenatal visit, as before.
  • Start getting vaccines so you can avoid flu or other infections, but always take note of the possible side effects.
  • You can also start doing Kegels. Squeeze the pelvic muscles for around 10 seconds for 3 sets of 20 every day. This exercise would help you manage your postpartum symptoms.
  • Stock up on pregnancy food for your baby too.

Tips for The Partners

At this point, you probably already learned your partner’s pregnancy from way back and has already made adjustments in terms of spending more time at home to take care of her. You have to be ready with your partner’s pregnancy needs especially moving forward. Maybe you would also have to talk things over on how you can deal with the lower sex drive at this point.

A Sneak Peek to Your Week 13

Next week is the start of your second trimester for your pregnancy journey. It is known to be the least symptomatic and most energetic phase. You start to get back to your usual self and feel more like you. You can get back at your fitness routine already. Your body has adapted to the new environment inside considering your growing baby.

There are still so many things that await you after your first trimester. Just continue enjoying and strengthening your bond with your baby, and soon enough, you will know your baby’s gender already!

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