13 weeks pregnant

You’re 13 Weeks Pregnant: What You Need to Know


Around week 13, there may be rumours going around that you might be pregnant. Do not be pressured by this. Remember that it is your decision when to divulge this big secret.

How Big Is My Baby?

At this time of the pregnancy, your baby is as big as a peach. Your 13-week fetus is 2.9 inches long and 0.81 ounces heavy on average. In terms of body proportion, the head is now one-third the size of the whole body.

A hand holding a peach
By week 13, your baby's about the size of a peach!

My Baby’s Development

At 13 weeks of pregnancy, your baby’s vocal cords are now starting to develop. Since sound cannot travel through your uterus, you won’t be able to hear anything from your baby yet. Better wait till your bundle of joy is born.

The intestines are now moving to their permanent location which is in the abdomen. At the same time, the placenta is starting to grow which will aid all of the needs of your baby.

What Is My Baby Doing?

Since your baby’s tiny bones in the arms and legs are beginning to form, this enables him or her to move inside the womb properly. Watch out for some subtle movements you can feel in your belly. They may not be prominent yet but that’s your baby moving and saying hi to mom.

Belly Ultrasound

During the ultrasound, there is little chance you could detect the baby’s gender. It might not be that obvious. However, if you decide to conduct a prenatal cell-free DNA testing, also called non-invasive prenatal testing (NIPT), you might find out the gender of your baby earlier than usual.

My Changing Body – Week 13

The birth of your baby is still months away; however, your breasts may start to secrete colostrum. Colostrum is a nutrient-rich fluid which is given to your baby for the first few days after birth before the milk in your body begins to flow. Alongside this is a more relaxed daily life due to the subsiding of the morning sickness and fatigue. Hence, you should change your routine to cater to the increasing energy flowing in your body.

Common Symptoms

At this stage, you might notice some symptoms will change a bit. You might be able to survive the day without experiencing any nausea or fatigue. With that, here are some of the pregnancy symptoms you might expect:

  • Visible Veins - These visible veins are the blue streaks under your skin. These are more prominent now than before due to the increased blood flow in the body.
  • Higher energy - This part of the pregnancy is known to be the least symptomatic, hence resulting in more energy surge within you.
  • Vaginal Discharge - One symptom which might be happening now that you are 13 weeks pregnant is the increasing vaginal discharge called leukorrhea. This discharge is thin and milk-like with a mild smell. The levels of leukorrhea in your body are expected to go up as the pregnancy progresses.
  • Constipation - There will be fewer bowels when at this stage of the pregnancy because of the more relaxed bowel muscles. If you’re constipated, make sure to add more high-fibre foods to your meal plan.

How Is My Life Changing

Since you are having a small glimpse of what your baby looks like, there is a significant chance that you might feel anxious about what kind of parent will you be. This kind of feeling is normal. This week is probably a reality check that you’re going to be a mother real soon. Do not worry. You are not alone—your partner, family, and friends are all with you.

Week 13 Mommy Checklist

Here are some reminders you should check through the week:

  • Prepare your new pregnancy workout.
  • Schedule your first “I see the baby” ultrasound.
  • Add fruits to your diet.
  • Talk to your partner about parenting.

Tips for The Partners

This week is the stage where you can see the baby perfectly through an ultrasound. Hence, it is important that your partner accompany you to an ultrasound since this is a big milestone for both of you and your baby. Your partner should also assist you when it comes to planning your meals. This way, you won’t have to undergo this difficult diet alone.

A Sneak Peek to Your Week 14

Next week will probably the week you’ll see your baby suck his thumb—something that will be very apparent when you give birth to him or her.

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