16 weeks pregnant

You’re 16 Weeks Pregnant: What You Need to Know

Way to go! You have reached the first part of the second trimester of your pregnancy. Maybe the most important thing to note here as a 16-week pregnant lady, the probability of miscarriage falls to only 1%, so chances are you’ll be having a baby soon. Exciting!

How Big Is My Baby

At 16 weeks in your womb, your baby is now around 4.6 inches long, weighing 3.5 ounces. He or she is about the size of an avocado and is continuously growing through the weeks.

Abbey holding an avocado
Your baby's grown to the size of an avocado by week 16!

My Baby’s Development

Many changes are happening now as your baby strengthens the backbone and muscles supporting the head and the neck. Your baby’s eyes are finally working now too, although they are yet to open. The eyeballs are making side-to-side movements now and can already perceive some light. Also, your baby’s hair, eyelashes, brows, and taste buds are also forming. Meanwhile, your baby’s skin is now transparent, with no baby fat yet.

What Is My Baby Doing?

Despite your baby’s small size, it is busy doing lots of things down there. Thanks to the tiny bones forming in the ears, your baby can now hear you and listen to your voice. Also, your baby could be busy exploring the environment around so you might feel your baby kick from time to time. Aside from that, thanks to the facial muscles that are already forming, your baby is now capable of making some facial expressions such as frowns or squints.

Belly Ultrasound

Your baby is distinguishable now in your belly ultrasound. You can already observe various body parts forming, particularly the face taking its shape. As your baby gets stronger than before, you may start feeling gas or muscle twitch over time; this is normal. Also, as your baby grows in size, he or she is crowing out your lungs, causing you to catch your breath from time to time.

My Changing Body—Week 16

As your pregnancy hormones take a toll on you, you may start feeling backaches. Take a low-impact exercise to counter this side effect. You may also begin to be forgetful or have sensitive eyes. Meanwhile, you may observe your boobs getting bigger now, probably several cups larger than before. Your body is now preparing you for the breastfeeding that immediately follows childbirth. Nevertheless, one good thing that happens to you at this point is you will start to see your glowing skin—something people often refer to as the pregnancy glow.


Common Symptoms

Below are some symptoms you might feel at week 16 of your pregnancy:

  • Constipation – Changes in your gastrointestinal tract could expand your uterus and thereafter put pressure on your bowel movement. Counter this by increasing your liquid intake.
  • Vaginal Discharge – This symptom could make you feel uncomfortable, but please avoid using feminine wipes as these could only increase the risk of infection.
  • Varicose Veins – Your added weight takes up on your circulatory system, thereby causing your veins to swell. It would be best to eat healthily and do regular low-impact exercise to avoid these.
  • Bleeding Gums – Once again, your pregnancy symptoms are causing this, making your gums susceptible to irritation. But this is normal. Continue practicing proper hygiene and see your dentist too for consultation.

How Is My Life Changing

At week 16 of your pregnancy, weight gain is already very evident as your body takes on a new shape to accommodate your growing baby. You’ve got to eat right all the time now and also get regular exercise. Better start buying garments or accessories that complement your new body shape. Moreover, you will also feel nasal congestion. However, it is not recommended to take medication or antihistamine. Better try nasal strips instead, for more safety.

Week 16 Mommy Checklist

Dear mommy, please make sure to do the following this week.

  • Schedule your prenatal visit and mid-pregnancy ultrasound.
  • Avoid standing for long. When you sit, keep your feet elevated.
  • Try using a humidifier at home to moisten your dry nose and avoid congestion.
  • Buy prenatal vitamin and drink it every day.
  • Eat healthily and do minimal but regular exercise.
  • The most exciting part: start a list of possible baby names!

Tips For The Partners

At 16 weeks, the possibility of having the baby is already very high. At this point, you, the partner, have to be ready as well for the coming changes in your life together. You have to be consistent in being there with the mother even in the simplest things—the regular checkups or just the moment before going to bed. Especially now that your baby gets to hear you already, it is also essential that the baby becomes familiar with your voice. You also have to be prepared for emergency check-ups in any case.

A Sneak Peek To Your Week 17

Next week, your baby will be the size of a turnip. Be ready to experience one of the best milestones of baby life—feeding. Your baby will start practicing sucking and swallowing, while baby fats will start developing underneath the skin to provide your baby with warmth. Prepare for upcoming changes in your body such as indigestion, headaches, dizziness, and—the nightmare for moms—stretch marks!

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