19 weeks pregnant

You’re 19 Weeks Pregnant: What You Need to Know

Are you pumped up now that you are almost halfway at 19 weeks pregnant? Just a little bit more push and you’ll hold your little bundle of joy in no time. Sounds exciting!

How Big Is My Baby?

At the 19th week of pregnancy, your baby must have experienced a bit of a growth spurt. Your baby’s size is similar to that of a tomato—6.02 inches in length and 8.5 ounces in weight.

Abbey holding a tomato as the size of the baby at 19 weeks pregnant
By week 19, your baby's about the size of a tomato!

My Baby’s Development

Vernix caseosa now covers your baby. It is a white and greasy liquid made up of lanugo. It might sound a little icky; however, it contributes significantly to the development of your baby. This wax “cheese” helps protect your child from the amniotic fluid around the wound. Without vernix caseosa, the baby’s skin will be very wrinkled at birth.

On the other hand, your baby’s lungs, particularly the bronchioles, are now beginning to form. These will help with the breathing of the baby.

What Is My Baby Doing?

Are you ready to feel some nudges from your ball of sunshine? At this stage, you will experience some little kicks through different ways—from a tiny flutter to the most insistent slug. So don’t piss off your baby since he or she will retaliate!

Belly Ultrasound

If you view your baby’s ultrasound, you might notice that the arms and legs are now in proportion to each other—even to the whole body. You might also be fascinated to see your child’s bones as clear as glass because the skin at this stage is still translucent. As he or she develops further, more layers will grow on the skin which will make it thicker.

My Changing Body—Week 19

This week might be the time you feel some pain and aches around the body. Your feet might swell up a little, you might experience some back aches, and your leg cramps might attack.

Just make sure to engage in exercise to ease these body pains. However, do not overdo it by trying strenuous workouts.

Common Symptoms

This stage is just a walk in the park. However, there are still some uncomfortable symptoms you might experience this week.

  • Leg Cramps - These leg cramps are more likely to strike at night. Pain which radiates up and down your calves characterises these spasms.
  • Increased Appetite - Because of the hormones in your body, you’ll feel more eager to get snacks from the fridge and cupboard all the time. It’s fine to eat sinful treats sometimes, but make sure not to end up bingeing on them!
  • Backaches - With the constant growth of your uterus, you might find yourself shifting forward. To avoid backaches, avoid carrying heavy things and constantly check on your posture.
  • Dizziness - Your baby might sometimes accidentally put pressure on some of your blood vessels. This movement reduces the blood flow to your brain which makes you light-headed at times.

How Is My Life Changing

When you were not pregnant, it is easy to sleep once you came from a long and stressful day. If you are expecting, however, there is a large chance you won’t be able to sleep peacefully. You might experience some discomfort and aches in some parts of your body. The worse thing is you might not also experience this kind of sleep in the near future since the crying baby will surely awaken you after your pregnancy. Keep in mind that you need to persevere.

Week 19 Mommy Checklist

This week’s mommy checklist is pretty simple, so make sure to accomplish everything here.

  • Talk to your healthcare provider regarding your exercise plan.
  • Search for your future pediatrician.
  • Read pregnancy tips from the Internet or buy a pregnancy book.

Tips For The Partners

It is not enough for the mother to do all the work. Make sure to familiarise yourself with some pregnancy knowledge as well so that it is easier for you to help your partner. You can buy pregnancy books and even search the Internet for some pregnancy guides for men.

A Sneak Peek To Your Week 20

Your days of vomiting are now over. However, some minor symptoms are still coming along the way. Examples include vaginal discharge, growing appetite, heartburn, and many more.

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