21 weeks pregnant

You’re 21 Weeks Pregnant: What You Need to Know

Have you created a list of the perfect baby names? Not yet? Then I think it’s now time to do so. Don’t wait until his or her birth.

How Big Is My Baby?

Your baby now weighs 12.7 ounces. It is also about the length of a carrot which is approximately 10.5 inches long.

Abbey holding a carrot
Your baby's about as long as a carrot by week 21. More than halfway there!

My Baby’s Development

Curious what’s going on inside your 21-week fetus? At this stage of the pregnancy, he or she is already manufacturing meconium in its digestive system. Meconium is the tarry black substance which you will see on his or her first dirty diaper.

Also, your baby is now developing his or her reproductive system. If your child is a girl, she already has a high supply of eggs inside her ovaries. To give you an estimate, it probably ranges around five to six million. On the other hand, if it’s a boy, his testes are still placed in his abdomen. Once the scrotum finishes developing, it will drop down and will be located in the pelvic area instead.

Lastly, there is a large chance that your baby will be able to taste what you are eating because he or she is now swallowing little amounts of amniotic fluid every day. It will serve as their hydration and nutrition as well.

What Is My Baby Doing?

You might feel that your baby is playing martial arts inside your womb—the fluttering movements before are now transformed into full-fledged nudges and kicks.

Belly Ultrasound

If you have your mid-pregnancy ultrasound at this time, the view will amaze you! You will see the outline and the chambers of the heart. You will also have a glimpse of the detailed brain hemispheres of your child. In fact, if you are ready to know the gender of the baby, the ultrasound can determine it as well.

My Changing Body—Week 21

You might notice that you are experiencing an acne breakout at week 21 because of the increased oil production brought about by the hormones. If you are experiencing this, make sure to wash your face with cleanser or a gentle soap twice a day.

As your pregnancy progresses, you might also be more prone to varicose veins. The increased levels of progesterone cause the vein’s walls to relax, leading to more varicose veins.

Common Symptoms

The symptoms you experience at this stage are a sneak preview of what’s going to happen on the third trimester. Here is a list of the things might be feeling on the 21st week of pregnancy:

  • Leaky Boobs - The full development of the milk ducts causes leaky boobs in case of the early birth of your child. You may notice wet stains on your bra from time to time. This wet stain is caused by colostrum, which is the early form of breastmilk.
  • Stretch Marks - Stretch marks develop because of the sudden weight gain of 21 weeks pregnant women. It might sometimes run in your family history. These are most evident in mothers who are pregnant with twins.
  • Itchy and Dry Skin - Your skin continues to expand and stretch because of your growing baby bump. It results in an itchier and drier skin. Regularly use lotion and body oil to avoid this.

How Is My Life Changing

You might feel a little odd that you are not experiencing the discomfort you have been feeling in the past weeks. Take advantage of this since the third trimester might be a different story. If your pregnancy symptoms disrupted your daily routine, don’t worry about it at this stage of the pregnancy. Just continue with your daily routine.

Week 21 Mommy Checklist

Here’s a checklist on what you can do on the 21st week of pregnancy. Make sure to tick all of the boxes by the end of the week.

  • Create a baby registry.
  • Schedule your glucose challenge test.
  • Conduct your mid-pregnancy ultrasound.

Tips For The Partners

We know that you’re curious about the gender of your baby. If the mother is ready to see whether it’s a boy or a girl, make sure to accompany her in this important mid-pregnancy ultrasound.

A Sneak Peek To Your Week 22

Week 22 signals the completeness of the grip of your baby. If you think that your little one holding on to your umbilical cord will hurt, do not worry because the pain is tolerable.

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