22 weeks pregnant

You’re 22 Weeks Pregnant: What You Need to Know

It is getting crowded inside you now! Your baby is more or less growing at a rapid pace. This week is the best time to capture your 22 weeks pregnant belly for some memorable photos!

How Big Is My Baby?

Your little one might measure around 10.9 inches from head to toe already. He or she is about the size of a sweet potato. The weight will also range approximately from 15.2 ounces at this stage.

A hand holding a sweet potato
Your baby's about the same size as a sweet potato by now!

My Baby’s Development

Your baby’s development this week will start with the gums. The tooth buds are now readying themselves for your baby’s first teeth which will grow after a few months after birth.

What’s unique about this stage’s development is the baby’s creation of their daily routine— from the waking to the sleeping. However, it might be the same with your day-to-day pattern. There may be times that the time you are sleeping is the moment they are awake, so prepare yourself for all those middle-of-the-night kicks from them!

What Is My Baby Doing?

Week 22 will see the enhancement of your baby’s grip. Since there is nothing to hold and grab inside the uterus, your ball of sunshine might sometimes hold on to the umbilical cord. Do not worry too much since the pain is tolerable.

Belly Ultrasound

If you still haven't done your mid-pregnancy ultrasound, make sure to do it this week! It will give you a glance of all your baby’s major organs and body parts. Since the eyes and lips are more developed at this stage, he or she is becoming more of a newborn already.

My Changing Body—Week 22

The most common body change you might experience at the 22nd week of pregnancy is the growing of your feet. The loosened ligaments in the feet cause this, which results in the spreading of the bones under them.

Remember, however, not to be startled by this. Do not instantly change your whole shoe wardrobe just because of this size change. They will return to their original size in no time. However, some pregnant ladies remain to have bigger feet even after pregnancy. Just buy a pair or two of comfortable shoes to cater to this size increase.

Common Symptoms

Week 22 brings symptoms which are more or less bearable for mothers. Here is a list of the symptoms which you will experience at this age.

  • Constipation - Your growing uterus most likely puts more pressure on your bowels, thus making it harder to secrete waste out of your body. For easier bowel movements, make sure to exercise regularly and eat tons of fiber.
  • Indigestion - You might experience some increased level of appetite at this stage. It is normal to feel attracted to the contents of your kitchen cabinet. Because of the large amounts of food intake, there might be times you will feel indigestion. Just stock your kitchen with healthy food to avoid this.
  • Stretch Marks - You might notice a bunch of stretch marks scattered around your body—from your hips to your thighs. Rub some moisturizer all over your body regularly to provide a remedy to this. One of the most effective lotions to use is anything that has shea butter.
  • Pelvic Girdle Pain (PGP) - Mothers usually experience pain in the areas of her pelvis and hips. It can lead to discomfort and pain in walking and struggle in turning over in bed.
  • Leg Cramps - Leg cramps occur due to the shortage of intake of magnesium or calcium. Hence, it is important to take your prenatal vitamin daily to avoid suffering from this.

How Is My Life Changing

At this point, you might notice your baby belly is starting to become a hand magnet. More and more people are touching it since the bump is now more evident than ever. Because of this, you have to pack a lot of patience since they will be asking A LOT of questions regarding your pregnancy.

Week 22 Mommy Checklist

Your due date looms closer. With that, make sure to check everything in your list for a smoother pregnancy.

  • Start baby-proofing your home.
  • Shop for a changing table.
  • Buy more baby books.
  • Schedule a maternity portrait session.

Tips For The Partners

A number of people might tell your partner how she looks bigger nowadays. It might cause some uneasiness and sadness within her. Hence, it is essential that you give her confidence boost by telling her regularly how beautiful she is. Do not just say it—make her feel it.

A Sneak Peek To Your Week 23

Are you excited to hear your sunshine’s heartbeat? Fret not because you’ll be able to listen to it using a stethoscope in week 23! We bet you’ll feel more alive once you do.

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