23 weeks pregnant

You’re 23 Weeks Pregnant: What You Need to Know

Believe it or not, your baby resembles a newborn this week. The difference? They’re just a bit skinnier at week 23!

How Big Is My Baby?

On average, your baby is around 11.4 inches already and weighs about 17.6 ounces. To give you a bit of idea of what their size is, compare them to a mango.

Abbey holding a mango
Your baby's grown to the size of a mango by now!

My Baby’s Development

Their skin is now translucent which makes their organs and bones visible through the skin. At the same time, the formation of the eyes is now complete. However, they do not display any colour yet.

You have probably heard your baby’s heartbeat several times using a Doppler. At 23 weeks pregnant, you can now also listen to it through the use of a standard stethoscope! We bet you won’t be able to stop listening to it!

What Is My Baby Doing?

Here is a surprising fact for you—your child can probably do some somersaults now inside your womb. But they can’t sustain this for a long period. Hence, ready yourself for some random pains inside your belly since they might bump your sides at times. Such naughty babies!

They even listen to your voice and heartbeat to entertain themselves! Therefore, make sure to talk to them frequently.

Belly Ultrasound

If you take a little peek at your baby's ultrasound, you'll probably notice that he or she is already forming little nipples. Yes, that's a thing! You will also see a magnified view of the four chambers of the heart. You can also see the pumping of blood from the atria (upper chambers) to the ventricles (lower chambers).

My Changing Body—Week 23

This stage of the pregnancy results in a steadily increasing weight. To counter this, it is essential for you to eat fibre-rich food which will help you feel fuller for longer. This diet is important especially if you are experiencing some hunger pangs in between meals.

You might also experience some skin discolouration, especially on the face. We call this the mask of pregnancy or melasma since it looks like a mask-like configuration on the face. Do not worry that much since these skin changes will return to normal weeks after the delivery.

Common Symptoms

Week 23 might be one of those “easy” weeks. However, there are still small-scale symptoms which you might experience along the way. Let us explore some of those:

  • Tingling Hands - Since there is a buildup of fluid around your body, you might feel some extra pressure on the nerves of your wrists and hands.
  • Back Pains - Your growing baby bump is now contributing to more back pains for you. Make sure to adjust your chair properly and keep an eye on your posture every time to avoid worsening the condition.
  • Swollen Feet - At this stage, you might need to buy new footwear since your feet are increasing in width. This puffiness is normal. Just ensure that you take regular walks and drink lots of water so that the pain will subside.
  • Swollen Gums - Pregnancy hormones are a pain in the bum. They increase your blood flow which makes your gums bleed and swell. Use soft-bristle toothbrush if your gums become sensitive.

How Is My Life Changing

The slight discomforts that you’re experiencing might disrupt your daily routine. That’s pretty normal especially with your baby bump growing. To help you with this adjustment, create a to-do list for the day and pace yourself depending on your energy. Remember not to overwork yourself. Once you feel a headache coming in or back pain, stop what you are doing and rest for a while.

Week 23 Mommy Checklist

Here is your week 23 mommy checklist. Make sure to accomplish all of them.

  • Buy high-quality protective footwear.
  • Shop for fibre-rich food.
  • Adjust your insurance coverage for your baby.
  • Look for support stockings to reduce leg swelling.
  • Prepare your baby’s nursery.

Tips For The Partners

This week is perfect for preparing your baby’s nursery since the coming weeks might be a little tiring due to the growing baby. With this, make sure to spearhead the creation of the perfect baby nursery to help the mother check one off from her checklist. You can even surprise her with an already finished nursery so that she can avoid some physical strain.

A Sneak Peek To Your Week 24

Ready some lullabies at week 24 since your baby’s auditory system is now advancing. It means that he or she can now frequently hear songs played to him or her. He or she will recognise the melody once he or she is born. Just play it, and your little one will calm down!

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