24 weeks pregnant

You’re 24 Weeks Pregnant: What You Need to Know

Reaching the 24th week of pregnancy means you’re at the sixth month of the journey already. Way to go! Now, you only have three more months left before finally introducing your little one to the world.


How Big Is My Baby?

By this time, your baby is expected to be the same size as a cantaloupe or corn ear. This size is about 12 inches in length and 20.8 to 24 ounces in weight.  A large part of your baby’s weight comes from stored baby fats and developing organs and muscles. Your baby is surely getting heavier each week since it is starting to fill up the remaining space in the womb.

Abbey holding an ear of corn
Your baby's about the length of an ear of corn by this week!

My Baby’s Development

This phase of pregnancy is where the lungs and other major organs fully mature, enough for the baby to keep thriving outside the womb with additional precautions. You can also see that the skin continues to thicken and the eyes persist in its development. The colour of the eyes will be determined right after this week.


What Is My Baby Doing?

When you sleep during the night, expect that you would not be at ease. For most pregnancy cases, this is the time where your baby could not help but be more active. You will feel your baby’s presence through the turns and kicks inside your womb. But be calm because your baby is now preparing itself to move outside and see the world.

In addition, your little one can already listen to music. Make sure to play your favourite tunes or some classical music. Some studies say that playing classical music can help with better brain development. Also, make sure to always talk to your baby so he or she can feel closer to you.


Belly Ultrasound

In an ultrasound, you will be able to see blood flowing freely in the baby’s fully formed blood vessels. Aside from that, you will also see the heart pumping, the lungs contracting, and the skin glowing in pink colour. Surely you are excited to look at your baby because this week, you will be able to determine who he or she looks like. Both you and the baby are indeed making great progress. Keep it up!


My Changing Body—Week 24

By this time, your legs, belly, and navel are stretching to their full capacity. These body changes may induce more fatigue, numbness, and distress. You’ll also feel the swelling of your uterus as it is preparing the path of the baby. Do not worry because, for most moms, things will get back to their natural state after giving birth to the little one.

Also, some pregnant women may experience premature labour as early as 24 weeks. Babies come when you least expect them to be. So, make sure you are treating your body well and avoid too much unnecessary stress.


Common Symptoms

Aside from ultrasound and other pregnancy test conducted in the hospital, you can determine your condition at week 24 by knowing the following symptoms:

  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome - 24 weeks pregnant moms commonly experience this symptom. Numbness on several parts of the body like the legs, hands, and fingers is its indicator. Exercising once a day could prevent its painful effects.
  • Itchy Red Palms - Experiencing itchiness in any part of the body is such an unpleasant event. It is a result of hormonal changes for pregnant moms. Although it is a normal symptom for a pregnant woman, you would not be able to focus on some of your activities because of the bothersome feeling.
  • Lower Back Pains - This symptom is a sign that you are nearly reaching your labour time. Backaches are pretty regular in the 24th week of pregnancy.
  • Pressure On The Pelvis - Since this is the time when premature labour mostly occurs, there would be a lot of contractions in the pelvic and uterine areas. You will feel as if your baby is ready to go down and meet the world. Be sure to stay alert at all times because the baby comes when you least expect it would.


How Is My Life Changing?

By this time, you should prepare yourself physically and emotionally because, in a few weeks, you will be able to see the fruit of your motherhood. You may still feel quite surreal that you are going to be a mom soon. We can guarantee you that it will change your life forever in both a positive and hopeful way.


Week 24 Mommy Checklist

Before you meet your little one, here are some things to remember and do while waiting.

  • Know and be accustomed to the signs of premarital labour.
  • If any unusual symptoms occur like vaginal discharge, be sure to book an appointment with your doctor.
  • Always plan and discuss with your partner the preparation before the arrival of your newborn.
  • Seek factual pregnancy tips from someone who has given birth before.
  • Don’t forget to organise a baby shower for your little one.


Tips For The Partners

As the mother’s partner, you must be fully alert by this week because the pregnancy journey is reaching the end of the process. You should always remember the following things:

  1. Be alert for premature labour events.
  2. Be generous in offering mental and physical support to your pregnant partner.
  3. Stay calm and do not worry because you’ll both overcome this, especially the labour part.
  4. Always be the first one to know the information from the doctor.
  5. Prepare the baby’s room.


A Sneak Peek To Your Week 25

Are you excited for the next weeks to come? You should be because at the 25th week your baby looks like a newborn with fully grown baby hair and smooth skin. You will also giggle at the baby fats developing during this week.

Three more months to go before finally ending this journey. You'll officially enter parenthood. Keep going!

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