26 weeks pregnant

You’re 26 Weeks Pregnant: What You Need to Know

Congratulations, mom-to-be! You are almost done with the second trimester of your pregnancy. Soon enough, you will finally get ready for delivery. But for now, take the time to strengthen your bond with your baby as he or she gets busy with lots of development inside your womb. Here are some facts that can help you through this week:

How Big Is My Baby?

At 26 weeks pregnant, your child is the size of an eggplant, weighing around 27.2 ounces and measuring about 14 inches. Your baby is developing so fast now, but there sure is plenty of space for him or her to keep growing.

Abbey holding an eggplant
Your baby's about as long as an eggplant by week 26. 🙂

My Baby’s Development

Probably the most critical development of your baby at week 26 is that your baby’s brain wave activity is already gearing up. At this point, your child can not only hear external sounds but also respond to them at a higher pulse rate or movement. Aside from this, your baby’s eyes are now starting to open so you can also expect your little one to respond to external light.

What Is My Baby Doing?

At 26 weeks inside your womb, your baby is busy breathing—not air, but amniotic fluid—which is essential for him or her to develop healthy lungs. Your baby is now getting his or her immune system ready by equipping it with antibodies. Thus, this is such a busy week not only in terms of body development but also in terms of physical strength.

Belly Ultrasound

Your ultrasound will now reveal a grown baby, with all the body parts visible and distinguishable—even the fingernails. Also, you can observe as your baby’s eyes open, he or she is probably busy trying to explore the things to see inside your womb. As a bonus, you can also observe that your baby’s eyelashes have grown.

My Changing Body—Week 26

Two-thirds through your pregnancy, you will now notice a protruding navel as your enlarging uterus swells and pushes your abdomen forward. It causes your navel to pop out somehow. But, don’t worry because it will revert to its previous position a few months after delivery. Aside from this, you will also notice more powerful and painful contractions in your abdomen as your baby’s movements become stronger, bigger, and more frequent.

Common Symptoms

Perhaps two things that are constant about pregnancy are hormone fluctuation and stress. Because of these, you experience:

  • headaches,
  • forgetfulness,
  • become frequently hungry or dehydrated,
  • trouble sleeping (pregnancy insomnia),
  • heartburn,
  • leg cramps,
  • bathroom runs, and
  • a boost in blood pressure.

With regards to the boost in blood pressure, make sure that you are monitoring your levels. If you experience abnormal fluctuations in your blood pressure, you may be experiencing preeclampsia. Visit your ob-gyn to know what will be the next steps you should do for your condition.

How Is My Life Changing?

At 26 weeks, your womb is now bigger and heavier, so you would need to be careful of your everyday movements. You may have to slow down in terms of your daily grind and pay more attention to accommodate your growing baby.

It would be helpful to learn about the tricks to respond to your baby’s frequent movements such as stretching your legs, changing your sitting or sleeping positions, and gently moving your baby with your hand.

Week 26 Mommy Checklist

Be sure to accomplish the following this week:

  • Monitor your weight. Healthy moms put on around 16 to 22 pounds. Anything outside the range could be a risk, so consult with your doctor immediately.
  • Work on hospital-related matters. Tour your maternity ward and register with the hospital of your choice ahead of time so that you won’t have trouble later on.
  • Bond with your baby. Now that your baby’s brain is highly active and he or she is now responsive to external stimulus, take the time to communicate with your little one.

Tips For The Partners

At this point, the mother has probably adjusted with much of the difficult symptoms of your pregnancy. It would be best that if you, the partner, gets updated with the latest developments of her pregnancy so that you have the chance to adapt as well. You would also need to help with the preparations for the things in her weekly checklist as well as the nursery for your soon-to-be little one.

A Sneak Peek To Your Week 27

By week 27, your baby will be the size of cucumber—a strong and active one for that matter—as he or she gets busy doing all the kicking, rolling, and punching. So better be ready for more movements in the womb. Also, your baby may now hear you, although it’s a bit muffled. Your little one can also experience hiccups as the lungs continue to develop. What an exciting week ahead!

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