27 weeks pregnant

You’re 27 Weeks Pregnant: What You Need to Know

You are now 27 weeks pregnant. What an achievement! You may be wondering what changes could still happen. Believe it or not, there’s still a whole lot more going on inside your womb.

How Big Is My Baby?

At 27 weeks pregnant, your baby is now as big as a cucumber. He or she is about 14.5 inches long and almost 32 ounces! Your baby’s surely growing, and the brain is more active than before! Because of this, you may feel more movement as your baby will be sleeping in a fetal position and giving some kicks and jabs.

Abbey holding a cucumber
By week 27, your baby’s grown to about the size of a cucumber!

My Baby’s Development

You might feel your baby moving inside of you more often because he or she is much more active now. These are good signs because it shows that your baby is exploring its body parts as well.

Now that you are 27 weeks pregnant, it’s recommendable to talk to your baby because your baby can listen to you already! However, even if your baby can slightly hear, it won’t be as clear since it’s still quite muffled.

In addition to this, your baby’s lungs are developing as well. Because of this, hiccups are likely to occur. So if you feel something unusual inside of you, it’s either your baby’s starting to get cheerful, or it’s probably just some hiccups.

What is My Baby Doing?

At 27 weeks, your baby is learning to do some basic human actions. Since the lungs are developing, your baby is trying to breathe by inhaling and exhaling. Besides this, it’s also important to know that baby’s sleeping, and waking intervals have improved as well. Alongside, your baby has coordinated blinking and sucking too.

Belly Ultrasound

When you approach your 27th week, there are a lot of things to look forward to in your baby’s development! As seen in the ultrasound, in this stage, the ears are becoming more defined, as well the arms and legs. Because of this development, your baby will enjoy doing some kicks and punches which you will feel from time to time. These movements are indicators that your baby is alive, healthy, and active.

My Changing Body—Week 27

This stage in the whole pregnancy process will make it inevitable for you to gain weight. At 27 weeks, your uterus should have swelled. You may also experience edema, a condition where your hands and feet swell due to the fluids in your body tissues. This condition is temporary, but if ever it is too excessive, consult your doctor right away.

To relieve the swelling of your different body parts, the best thing to do is move around and get some exercise! Avoid being too stagnant by sitting down or standing down for too long, and you’ll feel comfortable in no time.

Common Symptoms

Pregnancy as we know it is a delicate condition that needs monitoring. Because of this, you better watch out for possible symptoms to make sure your baby is healthy! These symptoms include the following:

  • Bleeding of the Gums – Just like your arms and legs, your gums may swell as well. To lessen the pain you feel when this happens, make sure to brush your teeth and floss regularly.
  • Body Ache – In week 27, your body may ache a lot. This pain can affect the back and shoulders. Avoid this by making sure you sleep in a comfortable position. Add some extra sheets or pillow if needed.
  • Snissing – Snissing is when a pregnant mother accidentally pees upon sneezing. There’s no need to be embarrassed because it’s perfectly normal for mothers to experience this during their 27th week. The best way to lessen snissing encounters is by taking regular potty time to release the liquid inside your bladder.
  • Difficulty in Breathing – Due to the many symptoms happening to a mother at 27 weeks, it is possible that you have trouble breathing. In worst cases, you may even feel dizzy and faint. To avoid this, make sure to rest from time to time in a good sleeping position. Drink water to energise yourself better as well.

How is My Life Changing

At this point, you may feel a lot of pain and other symptoms occurring in your body, alongside a lot of discomforts. To help you adjust in this new stage of your pregnancy, keep yourself busy and occupied by taking on some birthing classes, exercising regularly, or discovering new dishes to help lessen your being gassy!

Week 27 Mommy Checklist

Week 27 may be a challenging week for you. With this, it’s important that you never forget the following:

  • Improve your sleep schedule to avoid discomforts.
  • Eat healthy dishes and discover new recipes that can help with your gassiness.
  • Walk around the house! Get some exercise, but not something too tiring.
  • Research on some relaxation techniques online or ask for recommendations from your doctor.
  • Monitor your liquid consumption. It will be helpful in avoiding snissing encounters and other pains in your body.

Tips For the Partners

For the partners, it’s important to give your complete support to the mother! This week is going to be taxing for her. But with your help, everything will be okay. Make sure to always attend to her needs—tissue for bleeding gums, a quick massage for the swollen body parts, and pillows for her cramps, among others.

Monitor how she’s doing and update the doctor from time to time. When in doubt, don’t hesitate to give your doctor a call.

A Sneak Peek To Your Week 28

Be prepared with a lot of extra clothes because, at week 28, you’ll start to have leaky breasts! It means that colostrum may begin to form and involuntarily come out. Besides this, contractions will become stronger, so as early as now, prepare yourself emotionally.

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