29 weeks pregnant

You’re 29 Weeks Pregnant: What You Need to Know

Welcome to the start of the seventh month of your pregnancy! You’re nearing the finish line. Let’s see what week 29 brings.

How Big Is My Baby?

At 29 weeks, your baby will be a little over 15 inches long and almost as big as a large cabbage. If things are going right, they should weigh around 40 ounces. At this point, they’re about half as big as they will be when they’re born. Their weight will still triple before you’re due.

Abbey holding a large cabbage
Your baby's grown to the size of a big cabbage this week!

My Baby’s Development

During this week, your baby’s head will continue to grow to make room for the brain. Their bones, lungs, and muscles will also continue to mature. Because of this, make sure you’re getting enough vitamin C, iron, protein, and calcium.

Also, your baby’s body will continue to deposit more fat under the skin. It will help in regulating their body temperature, meaning they won’t rely on amniotic fluid anymore. The body fat will also be a source of energy, especially for those frequent kicks and jabs. The fat will cause their wrinkled skin to smoothen out.

What Is My Baby Doing?

As your baby grows faster, your womb will start to feel a little cramped for them. Because of this, prepare yourself for a lot of movement. Expect kicks and jabs that are more prominent and frequent than before. They’re likely to do this in response to different stimuli: light, sound, movement, and even the food you’re eating. Don’t worry; the kicks are more playful than painful.

Something you wish you could see is your baby’s smile. Around this week, your little dove will begin to smile, especially when they’re sleeping.

The baby will also be hiccupping. You’ll feel light taps and perhaps even see your baby bump bounce.

Belly Ultrasound

For moms who are following a typical prenatal appointment schedule, you won’t be having an ultrasound this week.

If you do opt to get one or you have scheduled one this week, you’re likely to see your baby moving around inside. You’ll also see the white fat deposits under their skin which give them energy.

My Changing Body—Week 29

Here’s one thing you should know about your body this week: most of what you’re eating goes straight to your baby while your body gets the leftovers. It means that you have to make sure that you’re getting enough nutrition. You have to take care of yourself aside from your baby.

You might also notice prominent veins in your legs and breasts due to the increase in blood flow. Don’t worry too much about these; they typically disappear later on. However, some moms report these to be painful. To avoid the pain, get some physical activity, but avoid standing for long periods.

Common Symptoms

Here are some of the symptoms that you might experience this week:

  • Lightheadedness - Some expecting moms experience lightheadedness during this week due to the supine hypotensive syndrome. It causes changes in your blood pressure and heart rate, making you feel dizzy. Low blood sugar can also cause this, so don’t skip meals.
  • Hemorrhoids - You know by now that pregnancy isn’t always the lovely picture it’s portrayed to be. Hemorrhoids, in particular, are not pretty. You can ease this by increasing your fluid intake, using gentle wipes or tissue paper, and using warm water. Don’t worry. It will also clear up after giving birth.
  • Fast-Growing, Brittle Nails - Because of the surging pregnancy hormones, your nails will start to grow quickly. However, they will be brittle and prone to chipping. Make sure to trim them regularly and use a safe type of nail oil instead. Likewise, stay away from nail polish as it can be harmful to your baby.
  • Indigestion or Heartburn - By this time, your body’s digestion would have slowed down. It is due to the hormones in your body that cause your digestive tract to relax and the pressure your uterus puts on your organs. Your slow digestion can thus lead to indigestion or heartburn. To combat this, avoid eating too much or too late into the night.

How Is My Life Changing

At this point in your pregnancy, you’re going to have to be more mindful of some activities you used to enjoy. For one thing, it may not be as easy to get on a plane. Airlines have different policies when it comes to 29-week pregnant women going on a flight. This protocol is for everybody’s safety as nobody wants any surprises on the plane.

At the same time, you’re going to have to start including your baby in making future decisions, particularly when it comes to your job. You’re going to have to start thinking about work arrangements before and after your baby’s birth. When will you start your maternity leave? Will you still work after? Will your partner have to take extra hours of shifts? Work on getting these questions out of the way.

Week 29 Mommy Checklist

Try to achieve these by the end of the week:

  • Start counting your baby’s kicks. During active hours, he or she should kick at least ten times in an hour. It is a sign that your baby is healthy and active.
  • Stock up on supplies you’ll need during the first weeks after pregnancy.
  • Prep your hospital bag. It’s best to get this out of the way early so that you’re ready later on.

Tips For The Partners

As for the partners, here are some things you can do on week 29:

  • Take your partner out for a date. Chances are you won’t be able to enjoy this often after your baby is born.
  • Discuss post-birth work schedules and plans with your partner.
  • Spread body positivity and remind your partner how beautiful she is. Some moms tend to feel insecure during the third trimester.

A Sneak Peek To Your Week 30

In week 30, you’ll only be 10 weeks away to your due date! You might experience moods swings again. Your baby’s brain will start to become wrinkly to make way for important brain cells for brain activity.

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