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You’re 3 Weeks Pregnant: What You Need to Know

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Three weeks into the pregnancy, soon-to-be moms may not even be aware that they are pregnant because conception will happen this week. However, if you happen to know that you are 3 weeks pregnant for your baby, here are fact bits that would be helpful as you start this motherhood journey.

How Big Is My Baby Now?

Sorry to cut your excitement short about this matter but at three weeks into the pregnancy, the tiny fertilised egg, called the marula, is smaller than a grain of salt.

a pile of salt on a wooden spoon against a cream background
Your baby is barely the size of a grain of salt at this point. A few more weeks before we can see them in an ultrasound!

What Is My Baby Doing?

The ultrasound may not detect anything in your womb yet. Nevertheless, the lining of your uterus can be observed to thicken – a sign that a marula has found its new home.

My Changing Body – Week 3

The most noticeable change when you’re 3 weeks pregnant that you might see would be that your boobs are becoming sore and your nipples are getting darker. Worry not because these are signs that your mammary glands are preparing to produce milk.

You may also feel a bit bloated, but a baby bump does not usually appear at three weeks into the pregnancy. All other aspects of your daily routine might probably be just the same though because you can only expect more obvious symptoms. Even the pains and cramps, come from the fourth to the fifth week of pregnancy.

Common Symptoms

How to Use a Pregnancy Test

There are three formats for a home pregnancy test: a test strip, midstream, and digital – all of which use your urine to check the level of Human Chorionic Gonadoptropin (HCG) hormone or the pregnancy hormone.

For the test strip, collect your urine in a cup, dip the test strip, and let it dry. It will show double lines if you are pregnant. For the midstream, you urinate directly on the test strip, and still, a double line indicates that you are positive of pregnancy.

Digital operates much the same way, except that the results appear through clear Yes or No words. Most brands of home pregnancy tests claim 97% accuracy, so they offer a big help to expectant moms out there.

How is My Life Changing

Physically, you’ve got to prepare yourself for all the changes and be ready for the unexpected. Pregnancy symptoms occur differently across women. When you’re 3 weeks pregnant, emotionally, and mentally, there has to be a shift towards previously thinking only about yourself, but now, being more careful of the welfare of the baby inside you.

You may need to forego a couple of your habits, and even vices, to ensure your baby’s healthy development. Regarding work, you may no longer be as efficient and productive as before as you may need to devote time to keeping your baby safe and healthy through trips to the clinic with questions to ask your ob-gyn and bonding times.

Week 3 Mommy Checklist

  1. Take a pregnancy test.
  2. Consult your ob-gyne.
  3. Calculate your due date for delivery.
  4. Share the news to your family and friends.
  5. Read articles and watch videos about the first trimester of pregnancy because it is the most crucial pregnancy stage
  6. Exercise proper pre-natal care such as having a healthy diet and staying active.
  7. Take your prenatal vitamins.

Tips For The Partners

Aside from the adjustment required on your part as a soon-to-be mom, there are adjustments also needed on the part of the soon-to-be dad.

For the partners, start stocking up a lot of patience as hormonal changes in the mother may cause them to be moody and irritable. It will also help if you start tweaking your schedule to allow more time at home. Be ready for urgent needs and cravings of the mom – even at wee hours of the night.

A Sneak Peek to Your Fourth Week

For your fourth week into the pregnancy, expect mild cramping, bloating, probably all-day, instead of just morning sickness, and a lot more tender breasts. At this stage, your baby is the size of a poppy seed called a blastocyst.

Your baby’s neural tube, which is the foundation of the spine, neck, and bones are already formed at this stage. Start shopping for maternity clothes at this point because a baby bump can already start to form and your skinny jeans won’t be that comfy any longer.

A baby and motherhood is a wonderful blessing to look forward to. It is best that you take this time to celebrate your new-found happiness before things get a bit more difficult in the next few weeks of the first trimester.

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