33 weeks pregnant

You’re 33 Weeks Pregnant: What You Need to Know

You better start packing your hospital bags. This week in your pregnancy is placing you close to the finish line! You may be feeling a lot of pain or having a hard time getting comfortable sitting, standing, or lying down. But don’t worry too much. Just breathe and relax!


How Big Is My Baby?

Your baby is growing! In the 33rd week, the baby will be about 17 inches and weighing a little over 64 ounces—probably the size of a pineapple. The baby will continue to grow up to a full inch this week. You’ll notice in the ultrasound that the skeleton is hardening, allowing him or her to lose the “wrinkled” alien from when you first saw them.

Abbey holding a pineapple on top of her head
Your baby’s grown to about the size of a pineapply by this week!

My Baby’s Development

Week 33 means you’re in your eighth month of pregnancy. You’d be surprised to know that the fetus inside your belly is now acting more and more like a baby—with the eyes closed during sleeping time and open during waking or morning time. They can now differentiate day from night! Amazing!

Another good news about your baby’s development is that he or she has developed an immune system, with antibodies that will serve as added protection once they’re in the outside world.


What Is My Baby Doing?

By now, your baby has pretty much occupied most of the space in your uterus and maxed out the amniotic fluid level in your body. In simple terms, you have more baby than fluid at 33 weeks. As the baby pokes, kicks, and punches, you will surely feel the sharp, distinct movements.

But it’s not just the kicking the baby’s been practising. They are also starting to coordinate their breathing with swallowing and sucking, which are essential skills they will use once they’re born.


Belly Ultrasound

If you check on the ultrasound during week 33, you’ll notice that your baby can now keep his or her eyes open while awake because they are starting to recognize what day or night is. The baby also gains weight at a fast pace and would most probably double in size when he or she is born.

If you’re 33 weeks pregnant with twins or is a high-risk patient, you might be getting an ultrasound every so often. It’s an excellent way to check and confirm if all is well with the baby.


My Changing Body—Week 33

You probably gained around 22 to 28 pounds total. It is also more likely that you’ve experienced a couple of occasions where your belly tightened. These are called Braxton Hicks contractions, which often happen after sex or exercise. Good thing it’s not painful, unlike the regular contractions.

You need to be more conscious about your changing body because this week is crucial. Certain conditions would make you go into labour prematurely, for instance, having too much amniotic fluid, being dehydrated, or carrying twins. Check if you’ve been experiencing cramps (it is a sign of preterm labour), unusual discharge, leaking, or vaginal bleeding.


Common Symptoms

At week 33, you need more rest than ever because you’re probably feeling the following:

  • Insomnia – Sleep becomes elusive because of the leg cramps, heartburn, and midnight bathroom runs. If you’re in pain or are feeling uncomfortable, try to relax and do a breathing technique. It might help you rest more.
  • Changes in Nails – Some 33 weeks pregnant women grow their nails faster, but some also end up getting brittle nails. Try adding more bananas and whole grains to your diet to turn it back to normal.
  • Forgetfulness and Clumsiness – Many people call it the “baby brain.” You will tend to forget a lot of stuff (if you’re pregnant with girls, you will be more forgetful) and get more clumsy. This phenomenon is probably because of the stress and anxiety you’re under, as the baby is only a matter of weeks away from birth.
  • Varicose Veins and Headaches – These are both caused by stress and hormone fluctuations, so you better try to relax your mind and body some more.

How Is My Life Changing

Right now, you will feel your belly ache if you suddenly change positions (sleeping or sitting), or if you get up suddenly. The round ligament pain is normal during week 33, but you should be cautious if there appears to be chills or bleeding. You will need to check with your OB if you have those.

Week 33 Mommy Checklist

You are closer to the due date now. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Inquire about hospital resources (what’s the policy on rooming in?) and prepare your hospital bag. Have you decided where you’d go into labour? Opt for pre-registering. It’s easier to fill up the paperwork now than when you’re in labour. Also, start packing your hospital bag.
  • Try to get sufficient, restful sleep.
  • Eat small meals which include a balance of nutrients so that both you and your baby are healthy.

Tips For The Partners

Your partner may be uncomfortable now, but that won’t stop her from wanting to get intimate with you. If her doctor gave you clearance for sex (and if you’re both into it), make sure that she is on top! That way, she can control the pace and pressure and won’t get too uncomfortable.

It’s also a great time to learn about breastfeeding with your partner so that you can both be ready once the baby is born.


A Sneak Peek To Your Week 34

Your body will feel as if it’s facing the real deal (labour). Frequent urination, Braxton Hicks contractions, and cramping sensations will flood your senses.

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