37 weeks pregnant

You’re 37 Weeks Pregnant: What You Need to Know

Way to go! You are almost there! If your baby is still inside you, that explains the shortness of breath you might be feeling nowadays. Exciting times are ahead as your pregnancy comes to its full term!


How Big Is My Baby?

At 37 weeks pregnant, your baby’s weighing between 96 to 104 ounces and will continue to put on a little more fat each day. By now, the baby is probably more than 19 inches long and is the size of the head of romaine lettuce!

2 romaine lettuces pictured against a black background
Your baby’s about as long as a romaine lettuce by now, and is still growing as we speak!

My Baby’s Development

Your baby will be here soon. Isn’t that exciting? Of course, you still need to be aware of the way your baby develops around this week of pregnancy. The little one is nearly at the birth size! The typical newborn has an average length of 20 inches while gaining about 0.7 ounces (20 grams) a day or about 4 ounces (110 grams) to 8 ounces (226.8 grams) a week.

Your baby’s brain and the skull will continue to grow, and you might notice that he or she will start descending lower into the pelvis in preparation for birth. This movement is an extremely normal case called the “drop.”


What Is My Baby Doing?

Aside from the usual kicking movements, your baby seems to know it’s bound to be welcomed into the world as he or she continues to inhale and exhale amniotic fluid, blink, and turn the head from side to side.

By this time, the dexterity of your baby’s fingers has also improved, meaning he or she’s probably grasping into his or her little toe and nose. Or if the baby’s not doing that, maybe there’s a lot of thumbsucking action—which also becomes the preparation for the feeding sessions after birth.


Belly Ultrasound

If you check on the ultrasound during week 37, the doctor will probably point out the baby’s motor coordination development. The fetus is now able to grasp objects with his or her cute fingers. You may also test out the improved motor coordination by shining a bright light towards your belly and seeing if the baby will turn toward it. The baby will also be in a position as if he or she is ready to be delivered.


My Changing Body—Week 37

You need to understand that the likelihood of going into labour is up during week 37. You may enter early labour, or you may wait until the pregnancy cycle comes to its final week. It differs per person.

As for your changing body, you will get Braxton Hicks contractions from time to time and will have an increase in vaginal discharge. The primary sign that you’re just a few days or weeks away from labour is when you see a slight bloody discharge (mucus tinged with a tiny amount of blood) in your panties or when you’re in the toilet. But if you have a heavy spotting or bleeding, you should call your doctor right away.


Common Symptoms

Week 37 is tough because the baby is almost due! Here are the common symptoms you may be experiencing now:

  • Nausea – Some pregnant women feel incredibly sick to the stomach at week 37.
  • Back Pain  – As if the general discomfort you’ve felt throughout your whole pregnancy isn’t enough, there comes the back pain. The baby’s position (ready to be delivered) puts extra pressure on your spine. Hence, remember to take it easy and stay cozy.
  • Pelvic Pressure – The baby is sitting lower in your pelvis at week 37 (“the drop”), and this is why it’s causing pressure on your lower abdomen and pelvis. You will always feel a strong urge to urinate so be ready for the frequent bathroom runs!

How Is My Life Changing

Your body is getting more anxious and will cause you to have troubles sleeping. You’ll find yourself more likely to be up in the middle of the night, so you must do your best to get more rest (or even naps) as possible.

There’s no way to predict when your baby’s going to be born, but take it easy and don’t stress too much thinking about labour. Just relax and drink lots of water. Mind you that a lot of moms said that breastfeeding is more painful during the first few days than labour. So, just think that your labour will be the “easy” part as you start your journey as a mother.


Week 37 Mommy Checklist

Here are some reminders for this week:

  • You won’t know for sure when the baby’s going to be born, so as early as now (yes, you shouldn’t wait until the last minute!), install a car seat!
  • Prepare a birthing checklist which includes a list of things to do such as scheduling the weekly prenatal visit, brushing up on baby grooming basics, attending a breastfeeding class, and so on.
  • Drink lots of water and avoid caffeine intake.

Tips For The Partners

Take care of the other details, so the mother can only worry about labour. Prepare the hospital bags, ready the car, double-check the hospital, and manage the other baby things. The 37th week is tough, and your pregnant partner need only to think about resting and taking care of herself.


A Sneak Peek To Your Week 38

Signs of labour may begin, so you and your partner should be ready to stay in a hospital soon (especially if you have a complicated pregnancy).

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