39 weeks pregnant

You’re 39 Weeks Pregnant: What You Need to Know

Wow, at this point, you are at your ninth month of pregnancy! That means you have reached what is called the “full term” stage of your baby. You are probably getting excited, if not becoming impatient already, about childbirth. That, as well as the discomfort which comes with it, is all normal. Soon, you will have to face what may be the most challenging part of being an expectant mom yet—delivery. But for the meantime, here are a few helpful fact tidbits that you could use to survive this week:

How Big Is My Baby?

At 39 weeks pregnant, your baby has grown to be the size of a pumpkin. You sure have a bulging belly at this point as your baby now weighs about 112 to 128 ounces and measuring around 19 to 21 inches. Despite this considerable growth, your baby sure is very busy with continuous developments down there.

Someone holding a regular-sized pumpkin
Your baby’s as large as a regular-sized pumpkin by this week.

My Baby’s Development

Your baby has already developed tear ducts at 39 weeks into your pregnancy, but they aren’t open just yet. Better get ready for that after childbirth. Also, your baby’s skin has now turned from pink to white because of the fat layer over his or her blood vessels. It is always white for all races because pigmentation will happen after birth.

What Is My Baby Doing?

Just like you, your baby is also now preparing for the time when he or she finally goes out of that little chamber called the womb. However, unlike in the previous weeks, your baby’s size probably won’t grow as fast as the previous weeks because your child has already reached the birth weight. But compared to your baby’s physical size, his or her brain never stops growing, so your baby is now busy getting himself smarter by the week.

Belly Ultrasound

At 39 weeks, your baby has fully grown inside your womb, and your ultrasound would reveal this. Your baby’s white skin, as well as all of his or her organs, is now visibly seen. Your baby’s size is now also very determinable. It would be best to regularly check with your doctor about your baby’s condition and anticipate for the upcoming childbirth.

My Changing Body—Week 39

At this stage, your entire body is getting itself ready for childbirth. All your organs and senses are now somehow on alert for any possible chance of labour soon. Heartburn or indigestion might come at its peak so it would be better to drink lots of liquids before and after meals. Also, your muscles in the rectum could now start to loosen, thereby resulting in loose bowel movements so diarrhea can also happen. Also, backaches could worsen now as you near the final weeks of pregnancy.

Common Symptoms

First, you’ve got to take note of the signs which are indicators of labour. Most of them could happen soon enough. At 39 weeks, it would be common—and prolonged—for you to feel cramps in your uterus as you bear your baby’s more substantial weight. You may also feel pressure and sharp sensations in your pelvic area because your baby is now located down below your womb. At the same time, some mucus discharge with blood could happen too.

How Is My Life Changing?

Soon enough, you’d be experiencing labour, and the most significant thing bugging your mind right now might be the labour symptoms. Be careful not to ignore these signs as they come. Your waterbag may break at the least time you expect it. This symptom occurs as a slow trickle or as a heavy flow of water. It could mean that you will likely go into labour in the next couple of hours. Although, some women do not experience their water breaking until they are in the delivery room. You may also experience intense contractions in 3 to 5 minutes apart.

If you do not feel labour signs yet, don’t worry because an average mom-to-be typically goes into labour at 40 or 41 weeks.

Week 39 Mommy Checklist

  • Schedule your prenatal visit with your doctor and also note the projected date for normal delivery. Make sure to set arrangements with the hospital too for this date.
  • Learn more and research the facts on childbirth so that it becomes easier for you to prepare. You can also read up on the stories of other moms who have gone before you.
  • Take a good rest. Do not let yourself be tired and weary. Take a nap when you can and eat well. This way, you could prepare both your body and your baby for the coming labour.

Tips For The Partner

You need to be with your partner now more than ever. Your presence could very well give the mother peace of mind. Together with her and the baby, you have to be physically, mentally, and emotionally ready as well for the upcoming labour.


Sneak Peek To Week 40

Next week, get ready for this: the official end of your pregnancy! Congratulations on completing one of the most significant milestones of your life as a soon-to-be mom. Anticipate the labour symptoms, which could, at this point, reach their peak already. Sooner or later, you will finally hold the baby you’ve been waiting for in the past nine months of your life.

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