41 weeks pregnant

You’re 41 Weeks Pregnant: What You Need to Know

You’re probably wondering why your baby has a late checkout. Do not worry. Research says that less than four percent of babies are born on their due dates while around ten percent tend to overstay in their mother’s uterus.

How Big Is My Baby

Believe it or not, your baby is now the size of a big pumpkin. It weighs at around 106 to 141 ounces on average with a length of approximately 20 to 22 inches.

A pumpkin on the ground
Your baby’s as big as a large pumpkin by now!

My Baby’s Development

This week is said to be a stressful time for your child. Research shows that the baby will start triggering labour by sending an abnormal amount of hormones towards your placenta. At the same time, your baby will also begin to shed vernix, a white and greasy covering which has been coating their skin for protection.

What Is My Baby Doing

Week 41 entails many changes in the fetal activity of the baby. Since they feel too cramped inside the uterus, they are more active compared to before. There will be more frequent kicks and pokes around your tummy since they feel uncomfortable inside. At the same time, you will be able to feel twists, rolls, and flutters as well.

Belly Ultrasound

While you’re waiting for your baby to come out, notice that he or she is plumping up at a steady pace. Your child is also growing his or her nails and hair more and more. Surprisingly, some babies even come out of the womb with a head full of hair!


My Changing Body—Week 41

Since the baby is still growing inside you, your belly might start to feel heavier and heavier. Hence, it is crucial to be cautious with your body. Avoid lifting heavy objects and lie down if you are feeling some back pains.

Common Symptoms

Just a few more days and you are on your way to surviving your pregnancy! Here are some of the most common symptoms experienced by 41 weeks pregnant women.

  • Frequent Urination – If you think that you have broken the record of most trips to the restroom in the past weeks, you’re probably wrong. At this stage of the pregnancy, you will most likely visit the comfort room MORE frequently since the baby has dropped down further into your pelvis.
  • Diarrhea – It is normal to experience diarrhea since your muscles, especially those inside your rectum and intestines, are starting to loosen up in preparation for childbirth.
  • Show of Blood – Since your body is beginning to prepare for labour, the blood vessels in the cervix are now at full work. Hence, you might notice a brown- or pink-tinged mucous discharge on your underwear.
  • Pain in the Pelvis – Since your baby has dropped to your pelvic region, there is a significant chance you will feel some discomfort in this area. Just try lying down with elevated hips to relax.

How Is My Life Changing

Pregnancy after the 41st week can be tiring. Even though you are mentally prepared to deliver the baby, you might get fed up with everyone saying, “You are still pregnant?!” Just relax and don’t feel pressured.

At this time, your routine might have altered a little bit since you are now starting to try some natural labour induction methods such as eating spicy food, having sex, acupuncture, and walking like crazy!


Week 41 Mommy Checklist

Your week 41 mommy checklist should focus on the aforementioned natural labour induction methods with a little bit of additional spice to it.

  • Regularly take long walks.
  • Schedule your acupuncture appointment.
  • Order spicy meals.
  • Plan a romantic date with your partner.

Tips For The Partners

Your baby will be out soon. Hence, you are probably days from having your last private time with your partner. After your baby is born, there is a significant chance that you won’t have that much alone time anymore. To make up for this, try planning a romantic date with your partner—no need to be extravagant about it. A simple home-cooked dinner will do.

A Sneak Peek To Your Week 42

Week 42 is the week anxiety will kick in since your baby is way past his or her due date. If there are still no signs of labour, make sure to seek help from your doctor. This way, they can give you advice on how to go about with your pregnancy.

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