As adults, there is nothing more satisfying than uninterrupted slumber. Good sleep has a number of health benefits for adults and, especially for children. A good amount of quality sleep helps a child’s physical and mental development. But, most children choose not to sleep because they want to play and do other things aside from falling asleep. The quest for putting children to sleep often results in a metaphorical tug of war between the parent and the child.

If you want to know techniques or to convince yourself of the benefits of a proper sleeping pattern, our site has articles that focus on these topics.  


Night Terrors vs Nightmares: What’s the Difference

It’s 9:30 pm and your child suddenly sat bolt upright in bed and starts screaming, thrashing and flailing around yelling “No, Stop It, Don’t, No, No, No, Don’t Hurt Me.” It’s frightening, confronting and worrying when you witness your child experience their first-night terror. It can be even more concerning and stressful if you see

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