It’s Time to Take a Trip – Rediscovering Your Sense of Wonder

There’s something so enticing about traveling. The anticipation, preparation, and excitement of staying and relaxing in a new place for the first time. Whether by air, sea, or land, travelers buzz with excitement as they await their new adventure. Aside from the relaxation and enjoyment that comes with traveling, it also promises both discovery and rediscovery. Discovery of new favorite and comfort places. It also opens the possibility of rediscovering yourself, your local community, and your county. 


One of the reasons why traveling is such an enjoyable experience because it became synonymous with vacations and discovering new places. Traveling for vacation means long hours of lounging and resting bone-deep tiredness. The anticipation of the travel lifts up dreary moods because, “Finally, I can get to travel again”.

time to take a trip

Traveling to new places also holds the promise of discovering new places. From visiting all or most tourist spots, it’s also exciting to discover the local’s favorite spots. Cultural hubs in different areas are also a joy to wander around. Local festivals are also a joy to participate in. It’s even better if you discover these places by accident. Happy accidents that will leave an impression on you until later in life. 

Taking a trip also lets you discover things about yourself. It can be as simple as trying and enjoying new types of food or it can be something groundbreaking such as knowing something new about yourself. Something such as your unseen ability to adjust quickly to a new environment or the quick wit that earns you new connections along the way. 

Rediscover Yourself 

how can I rediscover myself

Traveling and taking trips breaks monotony. It is a welcome disruption to your usual routine that is often overrun by work or family. It’s high time for anyone to go on a relaxing trip when everyday routines become dreary and draining. Going on trips is a perfect opportunity to rediscover yourself. When going on trips, you detach yourself from a stressful environment that changed the way you act, think, and perceive things. Having some time away from said environment lets you reconnect with your roots. You can have all the time you need to think about how you lived your life before stressors ran over it. 

Stray away from thinking that trips are merely rewards from working long laborious hours. It is indeed a reward, but it’s more than just a prize. Trips or having some time for yourself is a necessity. Spending some time away from your normal routine ignites the spark of rediscovering yourself. The wonder of knowing yourself more, especially in dealing with new situations. Dealing with new practices and cultures may help you realize your own behaviors and beliefs that were forgotten because of the demands of real life. 

More often than not, you get to be the best version of yourself right after a stress-free vacation. You are well-rested and re-calibrated. You get to discover your true north again from a few days of vacation. 

Rediscover Your Hometown 

learn about yourself when you travel

When we plan trips and vacations, we automatically search for cheaper flights, car rentals, and budget-friendly accommodations. But, let’s be real, not everyone can go on long trips and vacations. But the good thing is that strolling around your hometown is a pretty good substitute for long-distance trips. 

In all the years that you have lived in your hometown when was the last time that you enjoyed it? When was the last time that you went and roamed around your time for leisure? Most of the time, it’s easy to gloss over the attractive sights that your home town has to offer because it has always been home for you. 

A short and quiet trip to your neighborhood park may grant you more peace and serenity than going to another state. A quick trip to the familiar mountainside trail can help in rediscovering the drive that you once lost because of the too fast pace of reality. 

You think that you know your hometown like the back of your hand, but like you, it is ever-growing and changing. Don’t leave a stone unturned. Your favorite place might be just located in a quiet place downtown. 

Rediscover Your Home State 


Most of our travel plans include traveling abroad. Sometimes, it’s even under the presumption of starting a new life and adventure in a place where no one knows you. A clean slate. However, it’s just not feasible for some time. The next best thing would be to discover your home state and to rediscover yourself in the journey. 

Discovering the hidden nooks and crannies of your state or country provides the balance between familiar and unfamiliar. It comes with the thought that you are still home, but it also holds the promise of providing you with new adventures. It opens a wider horizon. There is joy in revisiting old childhood vacation places and reminiscing about the good and stress-free days. 

Going around your state is also a perfect bonding opportunity with your significant other, family, or close friends. The excitement of going somewhere new keeps everyone on their toes. Always so eager to learn more about the place you all grew in. It can be a trip down memory lane and, sometimes, it opens up a path for new memories that you’d never want to forget. When life gets too hard again, it’s these kinds of memories that keep us afloat.

Aside from that, getting to experience the attractions that your country boasts of, first hand, is a surreal experience. Once you stumbling across the gems of your home state, you never want to stop. And isn’t it better to discover the wonders of your home before venturing out?

Travelling with Limited Options

the vacation

But with the current situation of the world, what’s stopping our drive to rediscover wonder is the limited travel options available. Countries are imposing strict travel guidelines to help curb the spread of the pandemic. Some tourist areas and attractions are temporarily closed while others are open but at a certain capacity only. So, how do we go about these restrictions? 

With these restrictions, we are forced to consider alternatives. Our visions of vacations are limited to our neighborhoods and surrounding areas, which makes it more exciting. A little less expensive too. Discovering wonders is not limited to going far and wide, it can be as simple as discovering a new comfort place in your neighborhood. 

Short trips downtown or to the next cities are very welcome alternatives now when the world seems to be at a standstill. The world continues to turn on its axis but, somehow, life seems to slow down lately, and rediscovering your sense of wonder can make your life go at full speed ahead again. 

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But if you do have the luxury to fly to other places at this time, make sure to educate yourself of what you need to do. Learn about their government’s restrictions and guidelines. Don’t forget to bring your travel essentials, which now include face masks, alcohols, and wipes. If there are guidelines about isolating yourself, follow them. Aside from securing your safety, these rules are implemented for the sake of the place as well. It is how they do their part and you should do your part too. 

And if you don’t wish to travel right now, the best thing to do is to put up vision boards. Create boards upon boards of your dream travel and destination. You can print out images or cut out from old magazines and brochures. Or if you want to do it digitally, feel free. Maximize your extra time to plan for your dream trip. Sometimes, just planning and imagining it can lighten up your mood more than anything else. 

Don’t be too hard on yourself. Reward yourself with trips here and there. You actually need it. Your body and mind need it, to take a break from the monotony of routines and demands. Taking trips also lets you discover and rediscover things about yourself and your surroundings. Don’t let the drag of responsibilities and work dull the shine of your inner wonder. Make time for yourself to discover.

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