Kids’ Funniest Questions about Christmas

Kids are such curious beings that they ask about anything they can think of. It is their way of fitting together the pieces of the puzzle for things to make sense to them, which ultimately broadens their understanding of the world. They’ll ask questions all year round, from New Year to Christmas, sunrise to sunset. These questions are so silly and random that sometimes, all you have to do is lie. And in some cases, the answer will be “magic,” especially when it comes to Christmas and Santa Claus. Read more to find out the funniest questions kids ask about Christmas.

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“Is Santa Real?” and All Other Questions Your Kids Ask about Christmas

To children, the idea of Christmas revolves around the bearded guy with a round tummy donning red clothes: Santa Claus. Also known as Father Christmas, Kris Kringle, Saint Nicolas, and Saint Nick, this legendary figure has become widely known as the giver of presents to children who are nice.

While the existence of Santa Claus in the present day is a myth, scientists claim that it’s okay for children to believe in him. An article from Psychology Today stated that this belief is one of a kid’s favorite childhood fantasies. And imagination or fantasies are a normal part of childhood development. Besides, they’ll find out the truth about Santa by themselves, anyway. But since they haven’t discovered everything about Father Christmas yet, they may ask randomly ask you funny questions that you can’t seem to find the answers to, such as these:

1. Why is Santa’s tummy so big?

I know, children can be brutally honest. As they observe their surroundings, they speak what’s on their mind without considering other people’s emotions. These kids are yet to learn how to filter their thoughts and know what they should and should not say. So when they see someone whose makeup is a mess, they may automatically ask what happened to that person’s face. Even Santa is not safe from this.

The media has long been portraying Santa as the man with a fat tummy. For this reason, your child may ask you why his tummy is more round than the usual size. There are several reasons you can tell them. First, it’s because he’s been eating all the cookies and milk the kids left for him. The other one would be Santa is too busy watching the kids so that he would see whether or not they are good to their parents and their friends. Or that the fat in his belly keeps him warm while he stays in the North Pole.

2. How old is Santa Claus?

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If Santa Claus existed for a long time already and has given gifts to children for generations, your kids may wonder how old he is. The correct answer to that would be 1 750 years old since Santa (St. Nicholas) was born around 280 A.D. The belief, though, is that he stopped counting after he reached 550 years old. But that may spur more questions than answers. Like, if he’s that old, how can he still send gifts to children on Christmas. The short answer to that will be, “he is old, but he has magic, and he can live forever.”

3. How will Santa get in if we don’t have a chimney?

The tales tell that Santa gets in a house through the chimney to drop presents. The problem now is your home doesn’t have a chimney. Then your kids start to worry if they’ll ever receive a gift from Father Christmas. Oh no!

But Santa is a magical creature, and he always finds ways to give presents to kind children. Tell your child that he has a magic key used to open houses, apartments, or condo units with no chimney. Santa is clever, and he can always enter through the front door. Other than that, you can also enjoy having crafts with your little ones by encouraging them to prepare a special key for Santa. Help them decorate the key with fancy papers or sequins and instruct them to leave it on the front porch for Santa to find.

4. Is Christmas Santa’s birthday?

During Christmas, the presence of Santa Claus is overwhelming. You can see his face in shopping malls, streets, villages, and parks. Because of this, your children may assume that Christmas is Santa’s birthday, and you know that it’s not. Tell your kids that Christmas is a religious celebration that commemorates the birth of Baby Jesus, not Santa Claus. On the other hand, St. Nicholas, who now became Santa Claus, celebrates his birthday on December 15.

Also, your kids may have bible questions about Christmas, so make sure to prepare your answers for it. You can also narrate to them some bible stories, such as the birth of Jesus in a manger or how the three wise men find their way to Jesus by just looking at the star.

5. Who are Santa’s mommy and daddy? Are they Mary and Joseph?

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As funny as it may sound, some children really thought that Mary and Joseph are Santa’s parents, the same way they believed that Christmas is Santa’s birthday. When they ask you this question, you can simply tell them that they were Jesus’ mom and dad as written in the books of the bible. Meanwhile, you can say that their Father Christmas’ parents are Grandma Christmas and Grandpa Christmas.

6. Does Santa want to have Christmas dinner with us?

You know how adorable and kind-hearted children can be. They may want to invite Santa over to have dinner with your family during your Christmas party. Or maybe they’d like Santa to be there during Christmas Eve. But you are Santa. You’re the one who left those presents for them, right? So how can you tell your kids that Santa could not come for your Christmas dinner without breaking their hearts? Just let them understand that Father Christmas is very busy because he has to deliver lots of presents for other kids. This way, they wouldn’t think that Santa does not want to be with them.

7. Does Santa have to wear a mask?

With the threat of the coronavirus still going on, people throughout the world follow health guidelines. Is Santa an exemption to this? Of course not. If ever this question runs in your children’s mind, this is your chance to teach them the importance of following the rules and proper hygiene. Explain why even the legendary Santa Claus has to follow the rules and wear a mask when dropping presents through the chimney. If you want another fun thing to do with your kids, you can design a mask with them that will best fit the merriness of the season.

8. Is Santa from the shopping center the real one?

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Apart from extravagant Christmas trees, most shopping centers have Santa Claus, which will leave your child wondering if he is the real one or not. Your answer? No. The “real” Santa is at the North Pole, preparing the gifts for the kids and getting the reindeers ready. These shopping center Santas are just Santa’s helpers who he sent in different parts of the world to smile all day and greet children a Merry Christmas. Regardless, warn your kids to treat these Santas nicely because they will report to the real one at the end of the day to finalize the list of naughty and nice.

9. Is Santa real?

Even with the immense popularity of Santa Claus, scientists and experts have varying opinions regarding parents who lie to their children about the existence of Santa Claus. Some say it’s fine, while others beg to differ.

So if your child asks you this, what should you answer them? It depends. See if they are ready to handle the truth that the person giving them Christmas presents is not Santa at all. Make age-appropriate judgments. Lying to them about Santa when they’re still three is different from lying to them when they’re already teenagers. If your kids are still young, just let them live in a world of make-believe. Besides, children not older than seven years old believe that everything around them is real. Even the cartoon characters they see on TV are real for them. They believe that all those Disney characters on the screen will meet them one day. As a parent, know that this is not something you should be afraid of. Living in a world of imagination is part of the development process of your children.

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When they grow up and know the truth, they may just say, “Oh, so it’s just mom/dad after all.

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year, especially for Christians. It is when families and friends get together and have a feast. According to the Pew Research Center, 90% of Americans said they celebrate Christmas. Meanwhile, about 160 countries celebrate the said holiday. Although people have different ways of commemorating the birth of Jesus, we know who is the most excited about this holiday: children. They get too giddy about receiving presents from their parents, ask the funniest questions about Christmas traditions, or sing Christmas carols with the children in the neighborhood.

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