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What Pram Do I Need for a Newborn?


One of the most expensive baby products that you will encounter is your baby’s pram. Hence, it is vital to have an in-depth knowledge of the ins and outs of a pram for newborn to be able to choose the best one for you and your child.

If you still keep on asking the question, “What pram do I need for a newborn?”, do not worry. We are here to guide you with the best pram 101 session.

pram for newborn

What is a Pram for Newborn?

‘Pram’ came from the word perambulator which means a person who walks, especially for pleasure and in a leisurely way. A pram is an instrument which helps carry babies from birth up to the time they can be an independent sitter.

They are also considered carriages where there they can comfortably sit and lie and view the world around them properly. Since babies’ necks are sensitive and newborns do not have complete control on them, a pram has a feature which gently holds the baby's’ head in place when someone lifts them from their lying positions.

People often confuse the terms pram, pushchair, buggy, and stroller. Some think that they are the same; however, that is not the case. They differ depending on the audience they cater to.

  • A pram is most suitable for newborn babies.
  • A pushchair is for older babies and those who can sit up.
  • A stroller caters to toddlers and young children.
  • A buggy refers to either a stroller or a pushchair.

Why Do You Need a Pram for Newborn?

A number of parents do not see the usefulness of a pram. It is vital to take note, however, that there are countless reasons why you should purchase a pram for newborn. Most moms prefer to buy it because of the following reasons:

  • Babies should be exposed to the outside world early. Parents should not wait until their children find their feet before they can explore the sights and sounds of the real world.
  • A pram enables the newborns to stay comfortable and warm even if they are outdoors.
  • Moms want to shed their pregnancy weight after they give birth. A pram for newborn can help here. Taking babies for long walks using a pram helps them eliminate some of this extra weight without too much effort.

pram for newborn

Features of a Pram for Newborn

Familiarising yourself with the primary parts of a pram is crucial. Make sure to spot this whenever you are shopping for your own.

Adjustable Handle

Admit it: you sometimes push your child into his or her pram.

The reality is other people will also provide their services for you—your partner, the caretaker, other family members, and friends. With that, it is safe to conclude that the height of each person is significantly different from one another.

An adjustable handle can solve the problem of the height difference among them. Note that this should be waist-high or one to two inches slightly below. Aside from being ergonomically proper for your posture, this adjustable handle can also help you steer the pram easily.

It will also be helpful if the grip of the handle is foam or rubber. This composition will surely absorb sweat from the pusher’s palms and enables them to get a firm grip for easier navigation.

Reversible Handle

Aside from an adjustable handle, it is also essential to have an installed reversible handle. These reversible handles will enable you to make your child face a forward or rear position—depending on the mood and age of the child.


It is also recommended for prams to install brakes on them. Doing this is helpful for the navigators to put a stop into a pram while on the move or at a standstill. There are different brake mechanisms you can look for, these being the following:

  • Hand Brakes - These hand brakes work like a bike’s. They are more convenient whenever you are on a downward slope road and you need to put a stop on the momentum of the pram.
  • Foot Brakes - Only a number of prams install a foot break on their wheels. However, this feature is recommendable so that putting a stop to the pram can be more convenient especially when the user has his or her hands full.
  • All Wheel Brakes - If you are a paranoid parent, having an all-wheel-brakes pram is recommendable for you. It lends you supreme control over the carriage.
  • Back Wheel Brakes - These are very common in prams to practice quick control over them.
  • Front Wheel Brakes - If you want to control its rollover, make sure to look for a pram that has front wheel brakes on it. It will ensure the safety and stability of the instrument.

With all of these brake mechanisms installed on your pram, make sure to be aware of their placement so that you won’t stub your toes.


Straps are installed to provide a safer environment for the baby. If you don’t have a belt installed, there is a significant tendency for your baby to fall off the pram. There are different types to consider—crotch straps, waist straps, and chest traps. Let us explore them one by one.

  • Crotch Straps - The crotch straps should be in front of the waist strap. In addition, it should not be 200 millimeters away from the backrest.
  • Waist Straps - The waist straps should directly latch onto the seat or a frame.
  • Chest Straps - The chest straps should instantly lock onto either the back or a frame.

All straps should have a minimum width of 20 millimetres to ensure its enforceability.

Reclining and Reversible Seat

Since newborns have not yet developed their neck and head support, having a fully reclining seat can help them put their heads into place. It is crucial for the babies to avoid any injury and swelling on their necks. The best seat should recline beyond 150 degrees.

A reversible seat will also be helpful whenever they are cranky. This feature will enable babies to have a look and enjoy the world around them without having to worry about the placement of their heads and necks.


Harnesses are composed of the different straps mentioned above. As the number of points in a harness increases, the safer and secure the baby is. Keep in mind, however, that the type of harness to be used also depends on the age of the baby.

  • Two-Point Harness: The two-point harness is composed of two waist straps at the side. It is the best harness to use for toddlers and older babies.
  • Three-Point Harness: The three-point harness consists of either two chest straps and one crotch strap or two waist straps and one crotch strap. It is best for the security of independent toddlers and sitters.
  • Five-Point Harness: The five-point harness is composed of one crotch strap, two chest straps, and two waist straps. This type is best for the safety of smaller babies and newborns.

The best safety harness should bring comfort to the child when strapped on it. It should also be easy to hook and unhook and should come with extra padding for added comfort.

Tether Strap

A tethering strap of a pram is the same as that of a dog’s leash. It enables you to keep strapped onto the pram at all times. It is not present in all prams, but it is recommendable to install one to have a necessary precaution just in case the stroller is stationary. The tether strap will also help just in case the pram slips away or the brakes give away.

Remember, however, to place the most optimal tether strap for you. It should be not too short for it to be inconvenient or too long for it to become a possible strangulation hazard.

Canopy or Protective Shade

To provide UV protection or rain cover to your newborn, make sure to buy a pram that has an adjustable canopy or protective shade. Some canopies even have a peek-a-boo window as an exclusive feature. This small window allows you to keep track of the movements of the baby while the canopy is covering him or her.

It is also best to have a protective shade that is detachable. Since dirt may cover the canopy, it is necessary to clean it. Having a detachable one enables you to clean it quickly and adequately.

Storage Baskets

You’ll be thankful once your pram goes with storage baskets. These baskets are usually under the seat of the pram. You can place some of your gadgets, grocery bags, books, baby necessities, toys, and milk in these baskets of varying sizes.

Aside from having a place to store all your things, the storage baskets also help when it comes to increasing the pram’s center of gravity. The higher the center of gravity, the higher the stability.

Points to Consider When Buying the Best Pram for Newborn

There are several things to consider when buying the best pram for newborn. These range from your budget to the size of your baby. To assist you in choosing the best fit for your child, make sure to answer the questions below.

  • What is my budget?
  • Is the pram durable, and does it have sturdy wheels?
  • Will the pram fit my car just in case I want to travel with it?
  • Are there extra features such as extra padding, a large storage capacity, and reversible seats?
  • Where will I use the pram?
  • Will I be mainly walking or using the car?
  • Will I be transporting the pram through public transport?
  • What is the weight of the pram?

Once you know the answers, it will be easier now to choose what kind of pram for newborn will fit you.

Benefits of a Baby Pram

A baby pram can be the answer to some of the pressing challenges of mothers. Here are some of the key benefits of using a pram for newborn:

  • The mom won’t have the worry where to place the baby when he or she falls asleep. They may not opt to put them on the bed where it’s unsafe or on their cribs if they still haven’t set up it yet. The most significant advantage of a pram is that it can easily be transportable. No need to worry about its added weight—you can bring it with just minimal effort through the help of its wheels.
  • Yes, the shoulders of moms are cozy. However, you will feel tired in no time. Moms who experience soreness from all the carrying on their shoulder, bag, or hip need a break once in a while! With the use of the baby pram, you don’t have to worry about all of these pains and body aches.
  • Parents who have two or more kids don’t need to carry both children at once with the presence of a baby pram. Using this allows mothers to have two free hands if required. It is most fitting when the parents need to buy in the grocery store, interact with colleagues, and more.

Recommended Buys

We asked parents and some bloggers to help you shop the best pram for newborn by sharing their favorite purchases. Listed below is a list of our recommended buys.

Baby Jogger City Mini Stroller

Baby Jogger City Mini Stroller

"Our favorite pram hands down is the City Mini by Baby Jogger. It has a one-hand quick fold, so it's super easy to collapse and store. We also love the way it steers, and it has a lovely light frame. There’s a large basket space underneath to store all the mountains of toddler rubbish you need to haul around with you too," revealed by two parenting bloggers, Laura and Tia.

What’s unique about this pram is its easy navigation. The wheels work great both on the street and off the road. Since it is so easy to push, you can navigate it while you have a phone on one hand and coffee in the other.

bugaboo cameleon 3

Bugaboo Cameleon 3

The Bugaboo Cameleon 3 is probably the most popular pram to see in parks and on the road. It is famous for its excellent suspension, superb quality, and unique color combinations.

The best feature it has is its easy maneuverability and handling. It is composed of large wheels at the back and small wheels at the front to easily pass through all sort of roads and terrains. Because of its high-quality wheels, you can easily switch the position of the pram without having to worry about your child.

stokke xplory

Stokke Xplory

Stokke Xplory is probably one of the most expensive buys in the market. However, the brilliant engineering and cutting-edge design it offers are worth its price.

The height of both the seat and carrycot can be adjusted easily. This way, you can promote better bonding and face-to-face interaction with your newborn without having to break your back by stooping so low.

The downside with this design, however, is that there is no storage available and that you cannot hook your bags on the side due to its engineering design. To compromise, the designers opted for a removable zipped pouch instead of the typical storage box at the bottom.

bugaboo fox

Bugaboo Fox

"The Bugaboo Bee (£377.20, John Lewis) has been our go-to pram through the years, right from birth to the age of 4. It’s small enough to fit in the smallest of car boots and is nice and light making it easy to travel with. It comes in a variety of color options and has some useful accessories, a couple of our favorites being the cozy footmuff and the buggy board for any older siblings to hitch a ride on,” shares Stephanie Withers, the founder of Chalk Kids.

The best offering of the Bugaboo Fox is that it works best on smooth pavements. It is very comfortable to push because of its wheels, and its car seats can also easily be attached and unattached easily.

quantum multi-mode travel pram

Quantum Multi-Mode Travel Pram

The Quantum Multi-Mode Travel Pram 3-in-1 is suitable for newborns even without installing extra seat parts. The bassinet, with a reversible seat liner and luxury mattress, can be transformed into either a pushchair mode or toddler seat. With this, it is easier to find the right position for your child depending on his or her needs.

It also houses four tiers of shade which has an extra-large eclipse hood. It is its best selling point since this is probably the broadest shade you’ll see on the market. Aside from this, you can also find a big basket where you can place your things such as the baby’s changing bag and your gadgets.

Lastly, what’s unique with its offering is its one-step break. Aside from being exceptional and useful, it is also simple to operate. It means that you don’t have to worry about your pram going strolling on its own.

quantum classic

Diono Quantum Travel System

The Diono company is best known for designing and supplying car seats. However, it has expanded its operation into creating the brand’s first-ever travel system.

The Diono Quantum Travel System is a sturdy pram for newborn. Your child can use it from the moment of birth up to when he or she is four years old. The unique feature this pram has is the ability of the carrycot to be transformed into a seat. Hence, if your child has already outgrown it, you don’t have to worry about making room for a cumbersome carriage. You can convert it into a seat at your child’s bedroom.

Aside from this, there is also a spacious and easy-to-access shopping basket attached to it. It also houses a handy pocket to store smaller items such as your phone and your baby’s milk bottle.

As mentioned, the Diono Quantum Travel System is probably the sturdiest pram out there. It won’t be easily tilted over since it weighs more or less 14.3 kilograms. Its weight is something you have to consider if you’re planning to bring it during trips or if you’ll carry it up and down the stairs regularly.

Silver Cross Surf All Terrain

Silver Cross Surf All Terrain

"We used the Silver Cross Surf All Terrain for several years. Living on the fringes of London and rural Surrey and with family in the Cotswolds, we needed a pushchair that could genuinely cope with all terrains. This pushchair was easy to use and handled pavements and fields with ease," shares John Adams, the founder of Dad Blog UK, parenting, lifestyle, and fatherhood blog.

Just like what Mr. Adams said, the selling point of the Silver Cross Surf Terrain is its ability to cross any terrain. It is brought about by the sturdy wheels it offers. Its front area is composed of small wheels while the back area is made up of big wheels. The back wheels measure at around six inches in diameter—more heavy-duty than the wheels of other prams. Because of this kind of setup, it is easier to navigate this pram no matter what the terrain is.

babyzen yoyo

Babyzen Yoyo with Newborn Pack

If you are looking for a compact pram which you can bring easily on road trips or frequent flights or which you can store in a small space at home, the Babyzen Yoyo is perfect for you!

Its unique offering is its clever folding mechanism. You can fold it with just using one hand! Once you collapse this pram, it is now small enough to use as hand luggage and will most likely fit into a plane’s overhead compartment. What’s convenient about this is that it also comes with a bag which will enable you to sling it over your shoulder.

Despite its lightweight chassis, this pram is safe as well. It houses a five-point harness which you can strap to your baby, and it moves smoothly because of its wheels.

Now that you know what a pram for newborn is, its features, benefits, and recommended buys, it is time for you to ready yourself and shop for your newborn. Choose away!

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