The Best Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Mom

February getting closer. Storefronts are decorated with hearts with plenty of romantic quotes plastered everywhere. Aisles are lined with cupid symbol cut-outs that hang from the ceiling. All of a sudden, everywhere you look, couples are everywhere. Ah, Valentine’s day is coming soon.  And as if preparing a gift for a significant other of years already comes difficult, you get double the struggle when checking valentine’s gift ideas for mom. So, to help you prepare and streamline your thoughts and ideas on what to give, we prepared a list of gifts that mothers would absolutely love. From practical, quirky, and sentimental, have a look at our list and see what suits your mom’s taste.


For Mothers Who Love to Cook

Nothing will make a mother’s eyes sparkle more than new, shiny, and durable iron cast sets. Cast iron sets will undeniably be your mom’s new favorites because of their versatile functionality. This is one of the best valentine’s gift ideas for mom that you can give. If you think you’re the current favorite, well prepare to be dethroned. Your mother will fly through the kitchen in hopes of making the best use of their new kitchen best friends. On a side note, get ready to be your mom’s personal taste tester.

Moreover, kitchenware, much less cooking utensils, maybe unconventional valentine’s gifts as it does not exactly shout of love. But, if you think about it, is there a deeper manifestation of love than providing the other with what they need and want in order to do what they love? With this gift, you show your love by supporting them in doing what they love.

For Moms who Love Interior Decorating

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You can choose from picture frames, carpets, and vases, pick something that adds to the liveliness of the home. Also, don’t forget to choose a gift that matches her aesthetic. One can claim that how a home looks reflect the nurturance it receives. If your mom loves tiny angel figurines, go look for the fanciest or quirkiest figurine out there and add it to her little collection. And if your mother loves to hang pictures around the house, shop for picture frames, or maybe even hire someone to craft a frame from scratch. Fill it up with pictures from your favorite memories and maybe you’d be granted a tear or two from her.

Your love is manifested through how you pay attention to her wants and her little quirks. Love is embodied as attention.

For Moms who Love to Shop ‘til They Drop

Retail therapy. I don’t know anyone who can resist good ol’ retail therapy. That’s because we fall victim to this from time to time and who’s to say our mothers can always resist the temptation. So, another thoughtful gift that you can give on Valentine’s day is gift cards from their favorite stores. Gift cards are the best gift for moms who want to splurge but hesitate to spend for themselves, often giving up for the sake of their children and husband. And now is the perfect time to let them let loose and spend a little over budget with the help of the gift cards—a simple shopping hack. So, make sure to secure one from their favorite stores or get some from stores that you are sure are up to their alley.

And lastly, make sure that your mother feels good every day, especially on Valentine’s day. After all, that’s what your valentine’s gift ideas for mom are about. Think about how they’ll buy what they love and it reminds them of your love and appreciation for them.

For Mothers who Love to Always Be In Style

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If your mother is a true blue fashionista, then it goes without question that you need to buy them new clothes. May they be working moms or stay at home moms, some mothers just prefer to look their best at all times. Maybe they even want to feel that they stepped out of their favorite movies. Picture perfect. You can choose from new season dresses, vintage pants, newly released shoes that will match well with your mother’s seasoned wardrobe. But if you don’t have any idea of those I mentioned, you can always go and buy staple pieces, such as basic tees. You can also opt to buy a scarf or other fashion accessories. Trust that your mom will find a way to elevate that gift and match it to her sense of style.

Love also comes in the form of support.

For Moms Who are Always On The Go

Gifting shoes to women is always riddled with negative superstitions, but shoes will always be included on a list of valentine’s gift ideas for mom. Some say that giving a woman a pair of shoes means that the receiver will walk away from the giver forever. Well, they will walk away. They will walk away to enjoy the comfort of the shoes that you gave them. If your mom is someone who is always on the go, make sure to gift them a pair that provides both style and comfort. Despite the superstitions that surround gifting shoes, it actually a perfect gift to give to someone. Depending on the style you go for, it can be both a statement and a staple piece. It is therefore a necessity and you can make sure that your gift won’t go to waste. 

Love isn’t always shown through words and gestures, love is also expressed through thought. Show your mom that you love them by giving them this gift. 

For the Homebody Mothers

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Make sure your mother lounges in style. One fantastic gift idea that you can give on valentine’s day is a pajama set. A silky and comfortable pajama set. A pair that they feel comfortable slipping in and going to bed and waking up to it in the morning. Sleep deprivation? We don’t know her. This gift idea is perfect for mothers who prefer to stay at home and avoid the busy hustle and bustle of the metro. Staying at home wearing a cozy pajama set provides maximum comfort and relaxation. You might be wondering why this would be a great valentine’s gift. Taking care of oneself doesn’t need to wait for a specific date or celebration, right? Also, isn’t is a perfect manifestation of love that you want them to experience top-class comfort without working much for it. 

Love comes in grand and small gestures. Gifting them a pajama set is one subtle way to show it. 

For the Mothers Who Love to Look and Feel Young 

The saying “age is just a number” is a mantra that some mothers live by. They are the ones who have a stable skincare routine since they were younger or those who easily ride on skincare trends, such as that famous 10-step Korean skincare routine years back. And well, who can blame them, right? Receiving comments that you look younger than your age is a top-tier experience. Other than buying skincare products, you might also want to consider buying them makeup. Whether they use it on a daily basis or on special occasions, makeup products are must-haves. You can sneak into their makeup pouch and look at the products that they often use. Also, look out for products that are already crusty and old. Now’s the perfect time to replace them.

They say love makes a person blooming. Well, they didn’t say that the bloom can’t have a little help from these products, right? So, get shopping for your gifts now. 

For Moms Who Love to Glam Up

A simple piece of jewelry can elevate outfits and accentuate certain features. It’s also a simple and easy gift to give to your mother for Valentine’s day. This may be one of the obvious choices and for valid reasons. First off, like shoes, it is both a necessity and a splurge. You can choose to gift some staple pieces that they can wear with anything. A simple rounded necklace, a shiny new band, a silver bracelet with a single yet meaningful charm. You have lots to choose from. Pieces of jewelry as gifts are also easy to personalize. Charms are easily replaceable and chains are adjustable. 

Immortalize your love for your mum through little pieces of jewelry. You can even go as far and claim that you gift them a piece of your heart in the form of a necklace or bracelet charm. 

For Moms who Love Words and Pages

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For some people, written words come easier than when spoken. If your mom is one of those people then she’ll appreciate a journal as a gift on valentine’s day. With a journal, she can write her thoughts, feelings, and experiences for each day. She can also write down her plans and ideas that she wishes to fulfill in the following days. And the good thing about gifting a journal is that it comes in different sizes and designs. You can choose hardbound journals with ruled or dotted pages. There are also smaller softbound journals. You get to decide which your mom will like the best. 

Love also goes beyond actions, love also flows through words and thoughts. By filling up a journal, they let their love flow through words, sentences, and paragraphs. 

For All Kinds of Mothers 

One foolproof gift that will surely tug at your mom’s heartstrings on valentine’s day is a handwritten letter. They never go out of style, right? And if you are someone who shies away from verbally saying “I love you”, “I miss you”, and “Thank you”, now is the perfect opportunity. Not only will it be a gift that they can keep for a long time, and read it again and again, it is also proof that they are on your mind when Valentine’s day came and went. 

Regardless if your mom is the adventurous and always on the go mom or one who prefers to stay at home or even someone who shows their love in a loud and boisterous manner, all kinds of mothers deserve a Valentine’s gift that matches their love for you. And a heartfelt hand-written letter delivers the message very well. Oh, you might want to prepare a couple of tissues for the water works. Both of you might end up crying afterwards. 

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For mothers who have a sweet tooth!

It goes without saying that a valentine’s day celebration is never complete without a handful of chocolates. In fact, this is quite obviously the most common item on any valentine’s gift ideas for mom that people can come up with. There are even some cultures, especially in the East, that take this opportunity to confess their love or admiration for someone by giving them handmade chocolates at this special event. However, when it comes to giving chocolates to your mom, you don’t need to confess anything. The gesture is a mere reminder of your spoken or unspoken, gentle or loud, undying, and unceasing love for them. 

And if you want to take the cheesiness level up a notch, you can always learn to cook chocolate and mold it into designs that remind you of your relationship with your mom. You can even make a chocolate design of your mom’s face. If cooking chocolates is something new for you, then start practicing now. 

The celebration of Valentine’s day is often equated to celebrating the love of couples, of romantic relations. But, Valentine’s day celebrates all kinds of love. All the forms that it comes in. And the loving relationship between a mother and child is worth celebrating always, especially on Valentine’s day. For all the things that your mother provided you through the years, giving them gifts on special occasions is one of the many ways to give something back to them. I hope that the list we prepared for you came in handy. 

Don’t forget to celebrate love everyday!

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