Valentine’s Day Gift Card Ideas

While it’s optional to celebrate Valentine’s Day, many people take part in it—usually in the form of romantic dates, offering boxes of chocolates, and importantly, card-giving. Needless to say, you can easily purchase tons of greeting cards on store shelves. But to make the day more memorable, you can craft up DIY valentine cards for your best friends, family members, and lover with our awesome list of creative valentine’s day gift card ideas.


The Season of Love in Numbers

A large number of people consider Valentine’s Day the “most romantic holiday” of the year. The National Retail Foundation (NRF) reported that in 2020 more than 55% of the population celebrated the occasion through different means. While the routine has been the same for decades—having dinner, sending flowers, and buying presents, many individuals have chosen other methods to make the day more unforgettable. 

Personalized Cards

According to Statista’s 2020 Valentine’s Day planned spending report, the average citizen spent almost 85 USD for this holiday alone, higher than the expected amount of 71 USD. Now, there are hundreds of ways to celebrate this beloved season. And importantly, this profession of love, affection, and appreciation is not centered on lovers only. People celebrate this wonderful day to show admiration to their friends, teachers, and colleagues. 

So, if going to the store and purchasing the cutest card is not for you, this list of homemade valentine’s day gift ideas would be perfect for you. Grab your craft box and let’s start designing your DIY card!

greeting card

1. All the Right Tears and Stickers

Are piles of new and old magazines cluttered on your desk? Or do you have spare magazines that you can cut or tear into smaller pieces? If yes, then this excellent greeting card design is suited for you. Inspired by retro, nature-friendly gift ideas, this personalized valentine card includes used magazines and cute stickers. Tear the magazine papers into smaller bits—the size of fingers—and paste them together to form a heart. Add stickers to brighten the cover. Additionally, you can add personal messages inside the card. 

2. We Got the Bangles On

What better way to reconnect with your best friends than having matching friendship bracelets! Some people may find friendship bracelets absurd, but this simple gift is truly heartwarming. So first, you should get these bracelets. You can either order online or make your own using crafting tools. Next, punch two holes in the valentine card (the one you chose too) and make sure it doesn’t cause tears on the folds. Neatly place the bracelets outside the card or inside the pages, enough that peak through the upper section. And lastly, add your personal messages and happy smiles. 

diy valentine

3. Pop Goes My Heart

Who says pop-ups are a thing of the past? Pop-up cards are still as relevant as glitter-covered greeting cards. Whether it’s for your family or significant other, a pop-up card is a great and funny way of celebrating the day of hearts. First, choose a pop-up card from your favorite online shop. If you don’t like buying things online, you can make the material with this how to make a pop up card tutorial. Now, instead of having the usual designs, you will add pictures. To make it more interesting, you can combine old and new photocards. Don’t forget to include your sweet message of thanks!

4. Paint My Heart Red

Hand painted valentine cards will never go out of style. In fact, it’s one of the sweetest and most thoughtful gifts to give anyone. The gesture and effort of this particular card design will melt the heart of the receiver. There are no specific sketches for the card, but you can choose red and white shades to incorporate the feeling of love. At times, freeflow painting—also called fluid art—connotes different meanings and emotions. When done with the painting, add your message and gift tag


5. The Resin Is You

Now, not many people have tried this card-giving idea yet. For those unfamiliar with resin, it is a building adhesive containing organic compounds. This sticky liquid can be hardened into any figure—fish, flowers, statue, etc. The exceptional thing about resins is that you can add different materials to the mixture. Some artists have tried mixing resins and colored papers. For your safety, however, it’s best to purchase resin art instead of creating one. You can also contact various art creators to craft valentine design for your special someone. After purchasing your resin art, affix it to your love letter.

6. Just Got Stitched

This option takes the longest to finish. First, you have to find the perfect pattern and message. Second, you need to gather the threads. And lastly, you have to stitch the pattern. Although the duration of the stitching varies according to the chosen pattern, it still takes time to complete. In many cases, the stitching can take up two to three weeks of your time. Nevertheless, the end result will be worth the wait. You don’t have to stitch everything together. Instead, you can stitch a simple heart or flower design and then attach a simple but creative letter.


Gift Cards

If you don’t have enough time to make DIY valentine gifts for friends or family, you can purchase card giveaways. Apart from Starbucks gift cards, there are other special Valentine’s Day gift card ideas for you. Here are our best picks:

1. “Yoga Subscription Gift Card”

Is your hubby a yoga enthusiast? If that’s a big yes, then this gift card is the perfect present for him. Get him a gift card for $15-$25 inclusive of different sessions and meetings. Once they are done with their daddy duties, they can spend the afternoon relaxing with yoga masters and other yoga lovers. If you also love yoga, you can join him too! 

2. “Kindle Unlimited Subscription Gift Card”

The book reading study conducted by Statista in 2019 showed that 81% of adults from ages 18 to 29 have read at least one book—in different formats—in the previous year. Although it’s only one book, it showed that more than half of the population still enjoy the comforts of browsing through a novel. If your significant other has an affinity for books, whether it’s the traditional hard-cover one or the digital version, this gift card is the one to get. You can purchase an Amazon gift card that’s for Kindle Books for $50. 

Amazon gift

3. “Travel Gift Card”

Is traveling together one of your hobbies with your significant other? If yes, this gift card option would be a priceless adventure for you both. Plan an exotic getaway with your husband or wife through a travel gift card. The prices of the cards depend on the location, time, and duration, so you have to prepare your wallet. Travel gift cards can be for hotels, parks, or museums. Therefore, choose the best one for your lover. Amazon provides a list of travel gift cards ranging from $25 to $200. Apart from the gift card, you can also add a cardholder. 

4. “Whole Foods Gift Card”

As a thoughtful gift idea for your mother, you can select a whole foods gift card, especially if your mom is going organic. Different supermarkets are offering gift cards for this particular food type. To make the task more efficient, you should pick the store that’s closest to your mom. In most cases, the gift card can range from $25 to $50. Make your Valentine’s day gift card for your lovely mom more special with this wholesome present. 

5. “Sephora Gift Card”

Does your girlfriend love skincare products, cosmetics, or body lotions? If that’s a yes, then get a Sephora gift card for her this Valentine’s Day. The French multinational retainer has a variety of products to choose from, especially when it comes to beauty products. The label also prides in its high-quality materials and processes. Choosing this gift card would surely bring a blush to your beautiful girlfriend. You can go to their website and browse through their pages to make a list of what they can offer for your significant other. You can purchase a Sephora gift card for $50 on Amazon. Don’t forget to add roses when you present this gift card to your fabulous girlfriend. 

6. “Art Class Gift Card”

Want to spend more time with your friends? Well, you can do that by attending art class together. Apart from having a creative guide to help your inner expressive self, you can also learn more about the beauty of nature and other things. Spark more interesting conversations with your friends while drawing up excellent masterpieces with an art class. Art classes can range from $30 to $ 95 depending on the type of activity, duration, and timeline. Check out different offerings online before choosing your class. Be creative!


These cute Valentine’s Day gift ideas make the day really heartwarming. But overall, investing your time and energy with the people you love on this well-celebrated holiday makes the date extra special. No matter what you choose to do—or who you spend it with—always be considerate and appreciative of the people you have in your life. Spend Valentine’s well, and be joyful! Happy Valentine’s day, everyone!

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