What Your Kid’s Favorite Disney Character Will Tell You

What does a kid’s favorite Disney character, villain, or otherwise, tells you?

From the sheets to the screens, most of our childhood revolved around Disney’s classic tales. Our eyes and ears have become witnesses to the adventures of lovely characters as they come up against evil villains. While there may be millions of stories and folk tales from around the world that circle on millions of protagonists and antagonists, there is that one Disney character who made a mark in our lives. Read this article to learn more about your child by going over the most-loved Disney characters the world over and who they are.

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Adventurous. Caring. Optimistic.

Dubbed as a street rat, Aladdin is a fun-loving Disney character whose wit helped him overcome life’s challenges. If Aladdin tops your kid’s long list of favorite characters, they are ready to face the world and the adventure it brings as they continue to progress. They get excited to try new things with new people, and their street wits will help them get through life. Moreover, it is in their heart to put others first before themselves. These traits show that you, as a parent, have always had fresh ideas when it comes to spending your quality time together, such as doing crafts that are simple but creative together. Your ability to break the routine makes your kids enjoy it more. More importantly, you’ve shown them how to care, not just to their friends but also to other people, animals, and even things. When the time comes, your kid will open the portal to a whole new world indeed.


Passionate. High-spirited. Determined.

The portrayal of Ariel as the little mermaid who always wants—what’s the word again? More! Your child may have everything you can offer, but they would always strive for more. They think outside the box, and most probably, they already have a blueprint of the path towards the achievement of their plans. Once they have a clear vision of their goals, their determination is unrelenting, and they would be willing to give something up to reach their dreams. However, you must also remind your child to know what’s worth fighting for and what’s not.


Calm. Sophisticated. Kind.

In another full-length animation by Walt Disney Pictures, Aurora is the picture of a princess who has a gentle and loving heart. She may not have grasped the entire idea of her royal blood, but innate in her is the readiness to become one. Her being your kid’s favorite Disney character would mean that they want her to be their role model. And it’s not only because of the pink dress and the golden hair. As you may have noticed, your child tends to appreciate the simple things in life. Furthermore, your kid may obey everything you say by now, but they will learn the value of independence and maturity when they grow up.



Intelligent. Beautiful. Thoughtful.

Belle, the “Beauty” of Beauty and the Beast. While the people in her village deemed her the most beautiful woman, she doesn’t care much about a person’s physical appearance. Like her, your child has a heart of gold and eyes that see the good in people. They are patient enough to deal with people, but no one should dare to abuse that patience. And the books, of course!

Your kid probably loves to read books, with pages etched with tales as old as time.

And as the book closes, your kid is ready to unlock more experiences in the real world.


Hard-working. Kind-hearted. Strong-willed.

Growing up watching Cinderella, we’ve cried with her and learned to hate her step-sisters and step-mother. Regardless, Cinderella is a representation of grace and sophistication that can’t be faked. What inspires adults and kids to be like her is the unyielding kindness within her heart. However, if she is your child’s favorite Disney character, it may convey one thing: they feel underappreciated. They may bring a burden in their heart that no matter how hard they work, you fail to recognize their efforts. On a lighter note, your kid aspires to write a happy ending, and they will do their best to have it.


Mature. Reserved. Altruistic.

From the award-winning animated Disney film, Frozen, Elsa is an empowered female character with a regal and collected exterior. Similar to her, your kid may act strong, but the truth is, they have a soft heart when it comes to their family and close friends. If your child has a sibling, you may have noticed that they care a lot about her brother or sister, like how Elsa loves Anna. Someday, your child will uncover who they really are, and they will let go of everything that’s holding them back for years.



Independent. Headstrong. Firebrand.

While most Disney princesses embody elegance, Merida is a playful young woman who defies the customs and traditions of being a princess. Merida being your kid’s favorite Disney character signifies that they know exactly what they want in life, and they wouldn’t mind breaking the rules to have it. Being headstrong is one of your child’s best characteristics because it guarantees you that they will always strive to be the best no matter what happens. However, be careful in telling your child what to do. Just explain to them that you are only offering them the guidance that they need. 

Mickey Mouse

Sweet. Carefree. Mischievous.

Since its creation in 1928, Mickey Mouse has become one of the most popular fictional characters to date. He is a depiction of fun and acceptance. Like him, your kid may be irresponsible at times, but they will always have a sweet personality that other people like so much. Apart from that, your child is the glue that holds people together. That is why they will never run out of friends who are as loyal and carefree as him.



Empowered. Sincere. Strong.

Mulan is one of the most powerful Disney characters who courageously went to war to fight for her country in the name of her father. As your child watches Mulan fight against the Huns, they may have already taken inspiration from her and made her their favorite Disney character. As a result, your child will be more empowered to fight for whichever they believe in. They are both the calm seas during a sunny day and the angry waves during a storm. On the other hand, they are clumsy and outspoken, with little to no time to care about what other people think of them. And they may not have a full understanding of the entirety of their being, but one day, they will soon find answers as they stare straight at their reflection and ask, “Who is that person I see?”


Loving. Innocent. Friendly.

Olaf may have been one of the best things Elsa created. Although this fun-loving guy in Arendelle is somehow naive, the pureness of his heart makes him the Olaf that we love. If your kids like him too, that goes to show how they value love (and summer). They are most likely the little ones who radiate a ray of sunshine to the people around them, even during the most challenging times in life.


Carefree. Curious. Clever.

The character development of Simba in the movie comes in waves—from being an adventurous little cub to a respected ruler. Your kid who likes Simba is a smart one and a responsible leader in the making. As they grow older, they might make careless decisions, but they will always find a way out of it. One of Simba’s downfalls was caused by his failure to heed advice from his friends and family. Although it seems right to figure things out yourself, there are still times that we need to listen to others. That is why make sure to remind your kids not to ignore the guidance and help from the people close to them. Aside from that, always motivate them to go on regardless of the setbacks they experience in life.

Snow White

Cheerful. Gentle. Charming.

In 1973, Disney released its first full-length animated feature: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. This classic film already features sounds and colors on the screen, making it one of the greatest films Disney has ever had. This movie and bedtime story for kids revolves around a princess who found refuge in the house of seven dwarfs as her wicked stepmother orders her murder. In this narrative, Snow White has portrayed positivity and kindness. Even in the darkest days of her life, she always finds a way to make everything right. If she’s your kid’s favorite Disney princess, your kids may follow in her footsteps. And they will probably be the ones who will always forgive people. As such, their kindness may be prone to abuse.

snow white

Disney has long made a name for itself as the company that produces record-breaking films based on a wide selection of folk tales and fairy tales. As reported by CNBC, Disney movies have dominated 33% of the overall United States film market as of 2019. Next on the list is their competitor, Warner Bros., with a market share of 13.8%. This data is solid proof that even today, Disney plays a significant role in the lives of our children and of our own. And the characters we’ve met through the years will always leave a lasting impression in our lives.

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