4 weeks pregnant

You’re 4 Weeks Pregnant: What You Need to Know

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Congratulations! Four weeks is an early time to know that you are pregnant. Some women on this stage might still not be aware of a baby growing in their belly. Whatever the case is, you may still not be feeling any difference since some pregnancy symptoms don’t kick right away.

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How Big Is My Baby Now?

At this stage of the pregnancy, your baby is still literally microscopic. It is known to be smaller than a poppy seed since it is still known as a blastocyst.

4 weeks pregnant
Your baby’s getting a bit bigger now, but not by much. It’s just about the size of a poppy seed, as pictured.

My Baby’s Development

The 4th week is one of the most critical stages in the development of the baby. Hence, it is essential to start taking a prenatal vitamin (400 micrograms of folic acid is enough!). Make sure to take it on a daily basis to avoid birth defects of your baby.

During this time, your baby’s neural tube is starting to form. It is important that this takes effect properly since it is the building block of your child’s brain, spine, and backbone. The amniotic fluid and sac are also starting to form which will serve as a protective cushion of your baby.

What Is My Baby Doing?

Your baby might be a little bit busy settling into his or her new home for 8 months. He or she is still preparing for the crucial development stages he or she will undergo over the next weeks.

Belly Ultrasound

If we were to measure your baby, it might not even reach 3 mm long yet. Despite this, there is a lot of things happening inside you. This apple seed sized embryo is split into three sections. These three sections are beginning to form the central nervous system, circulatory system, and lungs and intestines.

My Changing Body – Week 4

At 4 weeks of pregnancy, you won’t still look pregnant in front of others. However, you might feel a little bloated at times.

The bloatedness will definitely make you panic at times since your skinny jeans might be a little difficult to button. However, don’t be worried about this. There are still other loose-fitting clothing that will still make you look creative and stylish without making you uncomfortable. Some of these include leggings, drapey shirt, waterfall cardigans, and stretchy pants.

Common Symptoms

It’s pretty normal that you are still not experiencing any symptoms while you’re in this stage. But, here’s a little overview of what to expect on the 4th week of pregnancy:

  • Cramping

You might not experience severe cramping. Nonetheless, some mild cramping here and there might bother you. Do not fret. It just means that your baby has already implanted himself or herself properly on the linings of your uterus.

  • Mood Swings

Due to the fluctuating hormonal level in your body, you might experience some mood swings. This is normal during the first trimester of your pregnancy.

  • Spotting

Do not be scared when you see some blots of blood on your underwear. Light bleeding is a sign of your baby’s implantation.

  • Fatigue

One of the most common symptoms in the first few weeks of pregnancy is fatigue. Your body is still adjusting to the growth of the teeny ball of cells towards becoming an embryo.

  • Sore Breasts

Your breasts might experience some swelling. This is due to the surging level of hormones in your body.

Some moms also experience some morning sickness at times. However, there is little chance that you will undergo it this early.

How Is My Life Changing

There might be changes in your daily habits because of some small-scale pregnancy symptoms. Here are some home remedies which can help you overcome these challenges:

  • There might be times you may feel a little bit tired. Even if you’re not used to it, try taking a catnap in the middle of the day.
  • If you haven’t worn a supportive bra ever in your life, then this might be the day. This can be a way to relieve sore breasts.
  • Start exercising to give you more boosts of energy.

Week 4 Mommy Checklist

Since this is the early stages of your pregnancy, it is important to come up with a to-do list which will help you prepare for the challenging weeks ahead.

  • If you haven’t had your first appointment, look for an ob-gyne to conduct your first prenatal appointment.
  • Have you told your partner the big news? If not, it’s time to tell your partner that you are pregnant.
  • Not yet taking your vitamins? Buy prenatal vitamins and drink them every day.
  • Buy a pregnancy book.

Tips For The Partners

The 4th week might be a stage of uncertainties and surprises. Make sure to talk with your partner and set expectations with regards to the pregnancy. Accompany your partner in doctor consultations for you to have a brief overview of the stages of the pregnancy.

A Sneak Peek to Your Fifth Week

Not that we’re scaring you but next week will be a harder ride for you for you will experience regular morning sickness sessions. Don’t worry. This is all worth it knowing that your baby would have formed his or her grip to your body by then – a more mother-child connection.

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