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Everything You Need To Know About Amazon Baby Registry Welcome Box

There is probably no parent out there who would not want to receive a box full of baby products for their little ones. Imagine a surprise delivery of all your baby essentials such as baby wipes, diapers, or feeding bottles; that will a very remarkable and memorable moment!

But here is the bigger catch: the items in the box are not only good for the baby but good for moms and dads as well! Wouldn’t that be great? The entire family gets to benefit from a surprise box that pops up in the door all of a sudden! Well, wait no more because the Amazon baby registry welcome box is here to give you just that!

What is Inside the Amazon Baby Registry Welcome Box?

Everything is a surprise! You will never know what the exact contents of the Amazon baby registry welcome box are, but one thing you could be sure of, it will be a selection of products which are suitable for both the baby and the parents too.

In a recent box that was uncovered, the contents include the following:

You think that is enough? In another box, contents were said to include:

  • Seventh Generation Sample Box with Diapers, Laundry Detergent, Wipes & Lotion
  • Cotton Muslin Swaddle Blanket
  • Hudson Baby Bandana Bib
  • Avent Baby Bottle
  • Avent Nursing Pads (So helpful for nursing moms)
  • Pampers Diapers & Wipes Sample PLUS Coupon Booklet
  • Huggies Diapers
  • Babyganics Diapers PLUS $5.00 Off Coupon
  • Draft Pur Touch (3 Samples!)
  • Baby Dove Tip to Toe Wash
  • Aveeno Daily Moisture Lotion
  • Cetaphil Daily Lotion

And yet in another box, additional clothes were even included! Here is the breakdown:

  • Two 3-6-month onesies (one plain white, from Carter’s; one organic cotton with tiny elephants on it, from Moon And Back)
  • One Dr. Brown’s baby bottle
  • One Dr. Brown’s pacifier
  • One cotton Muslin swaddle blanket with gray palm trees on it
  • Travel-size Honest Company baby lotion
  • One Travel-size Honest Company baby shampoo
  • Travel-size Jergen’s baby shampoo and body wash
  • Four newborn diapers (two from Mama Bear, two from Seventh Generation)
  • Four lactation pads, along with a breastfeeding guide
  • Samples of Seventh Generation baby wipes and coconut oil lotion
  • A 56-pack of Huggies baby wipes

Note, however, that the Amazon baby registry welcome box is only a limited time offer. It means that the contents of the box are only good while supplies last. Also, the box and its contents may vary in kind and even in monetary value, so do not expect to receive the same Amazon baby registry welcome box as your friend.

The Amazon baby registry welcome box is at US$35, and it already has a lot of great goodies for babies and parents alike. The great thing about it is that you can get it all for free! It is probably the biggest and most wanted perk of having to register in the Amazon baby registry.

Why choose the Amazon baby registry welcome box over others?

A lot of moms have already given their reviews of the Amazon baby registry welcome box. According to one of them, it is full of goodies which are worth it even if you only register for a few things on Amazon.

For one mom, she said that she loved it, while happily sharing how she received a package of Huggies diapers instead of wipes and a few diaper samples, as well as a Seventh Generation laundry soap. These moms find it so refreshing to receive such a surprise box. They said that they are happy and contented with everything that they have received in the Amazon baby registry welcome box.

The Amazon baby registry welcome box is noted as the best among moms online, primarily because it carries the largest selection of natural and organic products. Amazon has stepped up its game in their baby registry offerings in the past couple of years, especially in the contents of their welcome box. Moms give their testimonials that initially, they start as having a free 30-day trial of Amazon Prime only.

However, after some time, moms generally prefer to be regular and active users of Amazon Prime. For only US$99 per year, you get to save up on diaper subscriptions using exclusive coupons and one-of-a-kind deals for everyone in the family.

Amazon is also well known for its high level of customer service.

They have always been famous for their customers’ confidence in their products. They carry this kind of credibility after years of serving with their high-quality items.

Another beautiful thing about the welcome box from other companies, that unlike those from other companies, it is delivered straight to the door of your house. It spares you from the hassle of going to the actual store and physically picking it up.

Amazon also offers the highest completion discount at 15%. For other baby registries, this is only 10% or none at all. In Amazon, you also get to have coupons, a return window of 90 days, a universal registry, and a rewards program. Some of these may or may not included in the offer by the other companies providing baby registries, but Amazon sure has all of them especially made for you.

Also, because Amazon carries the largest selection of baby registry items, it has almost everything you ever need for your ultimate baby care. It means that the Amazon baby registry welcome box is also the most different box that you can find out there. Even if you are only interested in eco-friendly or organic baby products, Amazon sure has the most extensive collection for you to find what is best for your baby.

There are also benefits to using the Amazon baby registry itself:

  • 10% Discount

The most common is the automatic 10% discount for items upon completion of the baby registry.

  • 15% Discount

You may also get a 15% discount as an Amazon Family member.

  • 20% Discount

Another cut is a 20% off Coupon for diaper subscriptions as an Amazon family member.

  • Product Returns

Through the registry, you may also enjoy free product returns for 90 days and enjoy a vast selection of products, over 270,000 of those baby items that you can choose.

  • Amazon Assistant

Aside from these freebies, there is also an Amazon Assistant, which allows parents to add to the baby registry anything from any other website. It makes online shopping experience very quick and convenient. It is also commonly known as the Universal Registry. This lack of exclusivity makes the shopping experience very flexible.

  • Ease of Access

Also, you can access the Amazon website via any device that you use. It lets you email, text, or even share your registry in social media sites with your family and friends.

  • Group Gifts

In case you want to buy for a group, you can mark items as “group gifts” so you can let other people contribute what they want to give as a gift.

  • Thank You Feature

It also comes with a “Thank You List” feature to conveniently track your purchases and where they came from using the baby registry.

  • Free Shipping

At Amazon Prime, you also get to enjoy free two-day shipping. It is such a crucial game changer because when it comes to baby products, you would need to have it available at the soonest time possible.

The good thing is that you do not need to pay an extra fee for the shipping. However, if you are not into Amazon Prime, you can still have the shipping fees waived if your purchases exceed US$49. Either way, you always get to enjoy a bargain with Amazon.

How does the Amazon baby registry compare with those of the other companies?

Other baby registries like Target, Walmart, Buy Buy Baby, Babylist, Ikea, and also have their welcome boxes, but Amazon remains to have the upper hand.

  • For Target, you need to go to manually go to their store to pick up the welcome box, but Amazon offers this through delivery, with minor shipping charges. Also, Target has a limited selection of natural, organic, and non-toxic products; while Amazon is much known for its wide variety. Target has also garnered mixed reviews from moms online.
  • For Walmart, the selection of items is a little bit limited compared to that which Amazon has, the latter being an established online store that sells almost everything there is.
  • For Buy Buy Baby, the registry program is not as robust yet as Amazon and also, its presence limited to 38 states. It also has only a 10% completion discount, compared to the 15% discount from Amazon. Buy Buy Baby’s pricing is also not that competitive compared to Amazon. Also, they ship free only for orders above US$75, while Amazon offers free shipping for purchases over US$49 on eligible items.
  • For BabyList, it is not exactly a store but a service that lets you collect items from multiple stores.  Unlike Amazon, their discount applies only to items sold by BabyList, excluding those items from other stores.
  • For Ikea, it does not have all the things that you need for baby care as their product selections remain limited.
  • For, it is similar to Babylist in that it does not have a physical store. It instead acts as a universal baby registry site. It works just like Amazon’s Universal Registry; only that Amazon provides way more services and perks than these.

Who will have a chance to get the Amazon baby registry welcome box?

The Amazon baby registry welcome box is not available to everyone, but only to selected customers. If you happen to have an active Prime account, then you are one step closer to getting one of these fantastic surprises. Alternatively, you may also be receiving Prime Benefits as part of the Amazon Household. So even individuals who are not owners but receive benefits as part of the household are eligible.

However, if you happen to receive benefits from the Prime membership but are not an actual part of the house, you are still not available. Meanwhile, Amazon Student Prime members are also eligible to get the Amazon baby registry welcome box.

Aside from fulfilling all these eligibility requirements, you need to accomplish your very own baby registry in Amazon using a checklist.

In the list, you will be asked to answer the following questions:

  • Expected date of arrival of the Amazon baby registry welcome box
  • Whether or not your current baby is your firstborn
  • Address to where Amazon will be sending the baby registry welcome box
  • Whether or not to avail of gift options such as gift cards or diaper fund
  • Visibility of your baby registry either to the public, to certain people, or just to yourself
  • Other email options like gift alerts, exclusive updates, and discounts, or baby registry email newsletter
  • Option to add a co-registrant who may edit your baby registry in Amazon

Once you have fully accomplished the baby registry form in Amazon, you will need to reach over US$10 worth of purchases from your record. It can come either from your purchase or from gifters. This US$10 threshold for buying still does not include tax and shipping costs. It is only the actual purchase price of the products that you have bought. At the same time, the threshold also excludes purchases using Prime Cards or Gift Cards.

Just a note to remember, though, even if you have completed your purchase worth over US$10, you will still not be eligible until they ship the goods. If the products have left Amazon’s facility, only then will the purchases be counted for eligibility to the Amazon baby registry welcome box. Aside from this, you need to keep in mind that shipping for the welcome box can only be within the United States. It excludes APO addresses in Alaska and Hawaii.

There is also no need to add an item in each category for the products to complete your baby registry in Amazon. You can select “Mark as Complete,” indicating that you do not need the specific item in the record. Once you have added a thing in a category or marked it as complete, the requirement to accomplish the baby registry finishes.

Congratulations, you are now eligible to receive an Amazon baby registry welcome box!

You will soon begin to see a “Claim Now” button on the left side of your baby registry in Amazon. Once you click this button, you will automatically add the Amazon baby registry welcome box to your cart. After this, don’t forget to check your emails because you will receive an email within 1-2 days in the address that you have registered in the baby registry.

The email will contain specific instructions as to how you can redeem the offer for an Amazon baby registry welcome box. Remember also that you need to be logged into your account at to be able to redeem the offer.

What are standard terms and conditions in getting an Amazon baby registry welcome box?

If you want to have an Amazon baby registry welcome box for yourself, you will need to keep in mind these terms and conditions so you can adequately follow them:

  • Amazon reserves the right to cancel or modify the offer at any time regardless of the eligibility.
  • The offer to get an Amazon baby registry welcome box is non-transferable and may not be resold to other people.
  • The shipping speed for the Amazon baby registry welcome box is on standard terms, which is mostly 3-5 business days.
  • The offer is limited only to one Amazon baby registry welcome box per customer per account.
  • If there will be a violation on any of these terms, the offer for the Amazon baby registry welcome box becomes invalid.

Why do you need a baby registry welcome box?

  • There is nothing better than getting baby items for free. Given their expensive nature nowadays, being given these freebies means a lot to parents already.
  • Having a baby registry helps you make a personal list and reference for the things that you need for your baby.
  • Baby registries carry other discounts, coupons, and gift cards also. This way, you can have more baby items at discounted prices, saving you with money for your baby’s future needs.
  • The baby registry can also be of help to parents, not just the children, as both moms and dads can also purchase items online.
  • Baby registries provide a very convenient way to buy things online for your baby. It frees you of the hassle of having to go to stores to physically purchase the items and lets you spend more time with your baby at home. You can buy items right at the tip of your fingertips.

How will you choose the items to put in the baby registry?

Given that there are a lot of products from the baby registries to choose from, it would probably help you to learn more tips on how to choose the best baby registry items to put in your list. You cannot always rely on the free welcome box.

  • Coordinate with your partner in deciding the most important things that you need for your baby. Depending on your choice, this may include sleepers, t-shirts, blankets, socks, bibs, shampoo, bottles, soaps, etc.
  • Do not be daunted by big-ticket items like cribs, strollers, or car seats. Mainly because Amazon provides for a gifting option, you can have multiple people contribute to the price of the big ticket item that you have chosen for your child.
  • Ask other moms who have had an experience with using Amazon’s baby registry. They would surely give you tips they wish they had known before they even started using baby registries. Whatever items they recommend, consider adding them to your record too.
  • Do not focus on just the things that your baby can use in the short term. Think about five months ahead. Undoubtedly, your babies would develop fast, and they may eventually outgrow the things you buy them if you do not think ahead quickly.
  • Take advantage of the discounts offered by the Amazon baby registry. All these are intended to make you shopping for baby items easier, convenient, and quicker. There are also special shipping arrangements which can be finalized to help you further.
  • When it comes to diapers and wipes, mainly, there are various ways to get these for free. It is the reason why it is advisable to avoid adding these essential items to your registry so that you can focus on the more critical and more challenging to find things.  

Raising babies is an expensive job.

Getting everything you need for your baby’s ultimate care is certainly not a walk in the park. It takes a lot of perseverance and hard-earned money to be able to sustain the needs of a child. It is why freebies and perks like these are things that you cannot just let go as a parent.

So take a chance in having that Amazon baby registry welcome box. Moms worldwide have already attested that the welcome box from Amazon is the best one out there!

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