Welcoming Spring and New Beginnings

Snow begins to melt and green tufts of grass start to dot a previously white scenery. Yellows, reds, and purples also begin to bloom in the fields. Birds happily chirp about the day, trees begin to brighten with vibrant and lush colors once again. People start to open doors, windows, and curtains too, welcoming the much-needed natural light from the sun. Spring is here and it’s time to enjoy the sun and the pleasant hum of nature as life blooms once again.

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Spring and New Beginnings: Why Do We Look Forward to Springtime?

After months of long nights and colder days, springtime finally cuts through it and brings in the much-needed warmth and colors. Aside from these, why do people really love the welcoming season of spring?

Springtime is Fun Time

As spring rolls in, outdoor activities become popular among families and peers again. Picnics and long walks become staple day-to-day activities to bask in the spring weather. It’s a perfect opportunity to spend some quality time with your family outdoors. No one’s worried about keeping their fingers safe from the cold anymore. Thank goodness. Kids who love to play and run can once again get together with their friends and enjoy hours with the flowers and the sun. And those sweet smiles and playtime sweat would be the best things ever after being kept indoors more than necessary. Adults can finally catch up on all the fun outdoor activities that were missed during the dragging winter.


Springtime Clean Time

Spring cleaning. Get rid of the old and useless to make room for the new. It may be kind of weird why people look forward to cleaning, of all things when spring comes. Well, by springtime, people often associate it with new beginnings and having a clean slate. And what else is a more appropriate activity of having a clean slate than to clean your house inside out? Deep cleaning, redecorating, and maybe even renovating are also more plausible during spring. You can leave doors and windows open for hours at a time because the weather is finally moderate and manageable. 

Springtime Welcomes Abundance of Flora and Fauna

Animal lovers rejoice because your favorite birds, hares, and frogs are out to play again. After a long time of hiding from the harsh breeze of winter, our furry friends are ready to play with us once again. Springtime also means more food is available for them.

And for those who missed their favorite flowers, fret not! They’re starting to grow again. Daffodils, tulips, and hyacinth are some of the flowers that bloom during spring. Fields and meadows are now lined with greens and contrasted with the stark colors of the flowers that we missed during the white season. We’re with you on this—we can’t wait to witness the flowers in full springtime bloom.


Spring, Sun, and You

Lengthened daylight is the cherry on top of all the benefits of spring. Aside from having more hours to enjoy the daylight, spending time outside and enjoying the view actually affects your overall wellbeing and creativity. The natural light and the just-right temperature of spring help regulate your mood too. If you get too anxious at times, the colors and life that spring brings can help you relax and divert your attention from the thing or situation that made you feel anxious.

Basking under the spring sun also improves your creativity. The sun wasn’t solely made to shine for summer days, believe it or not. And having the opportunity to spend hours outdoors opens your mind to new possibilities and inspiration that you need for your artistic process. Staying in a new place to work on your piece also breaks the monotony of your usual workplace. Who knows? You might encounter your muse when you enjoy the season in different places in your neighborhood.

Blossom Like a Beautiful Spring Day

At this point, we can all agree that the spring season is a fan favorite. There’s just something about the promise of spring and new beginnings It might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but everyone enjoys the benefits it brings as it rolls in every year. Aside from the natural occurrence of spring, you can also bring the season of spring into your daily life. You can also blossom together with beautiful and vibrant spring bulbs.

Springtime signifies new beginnings and even unlimited opportunities. This season comes in every year, without fail, bringing the same benefits as it did years before. For someone who loves spring, knowing that spring blooms and blossoms every year brings is both comforting and assuring. That every year, you get to experience a brand new spring, and this time around we need all the assurance that we can get. When you apply this cycle in your daily life, every new day that you wake up in is a new spring day. It brings in new chances and opportunities to enjoy them.


Spring and new beginnings allow you to—like tulips and daffodils, bloom in all the colors you want once you are in the perfect environment that fosters growth. There is a reason why flowers and fruit-bearing trees bloom during specific months of a year. Spring flowers and trees thrive during this season because the elements needed for maximum growth are present. The sunlight, temperature, and water supply work together to get the best bloom. Just like these blooms and bulbs, you can achieve the best version of yourself when you’re in an environment that supports and challenges you.

However, it takes time to change a mindset. It takes even more time to let yourself grow and take root in the best place for you, even with spring and new beginnings. The best thing you can do to bloom like a beautiful spring day is to dress and act like one. Embody the freshness of a perfect spring day. Enjoy more comfortable clothes, and create a wardrobe with pieces of clothing that scream YOU. Don’t forget to add a little bounce on your steps when you’re having an exceptional day. You never know how many people get a little bit of shine from you.

As spring represents a new cycle of nature’s growth, it can also be the last sign and push that you need to shed your old persona. The changes that occur in this season show that change is a wonderful thing. It also shows that change means growth. Don’t stump on your growth. Thrive and prosper and do it at your pace.  

Spring and New Beginnings: Fun Facts About Springtime

Spring isn’t just about the rebirth of flowers and trees. It is more than the warmer temperature and longer hours. It is so much more than those. Here are some facts about spring or more reasons to love it more.

  • Scientific studies state that the first day of the spring season is the vernal equinox. Vernal is actually the Latin term for Spring. Among all the days of the year, the day and night hours of the vernal equinox are the most even at approximately twelve hours each. The earth’s axis is tilted towards the sun that’s why the days are now longer as compared to winter. On this day, the sun also aligns with the Great Sphinx in Egypt perfectly.
  • The season wasn’t called Spring until the 14th century. The season was initially referred to as the springing season because of the collective springing of flowers and plants. It was then shortened to spring-time until it became spring. The bloom of specific types of flowers signals the beginning of the season. There are also some people who like to give daffodils to close friends and family. Apparently, daffodils mean happiness and new beginnings. If you receive one, don’t forget to return the favor.
  • In Japan, the bloom of the vibrant pink buds of cherry blossoms signifies that spring has finally returned. Because of this phenomenon, heaps of tourists flock to Japan during this season for the sole reason of seeing the full bloom of cherry blossom trees.
springtime festival

  • Many celebrations and extravagant festivals happen during the springing season. We have the festival of colors, Holi, in India; the Songkran water festival in Thailand; and the celebration of Persian new year, Norwuz in Central Asia, particularly Kyrgyzstan. All these festivals celebrate and welcome spring with festivities and high hopes for new chances and opportunities. Early iterations of spring cultural festivals basically celebrate the fact that they can replenish their food supply after long months of decreased harvest.
  • Roman Catholic practices that celebrate the season of Lent also happen during the spring season. The Holy Week, most notably Easter, is celebrated by believers and non-believers around the world. Believers celebrate Easter for the religious belief in Jesus’ resurrection. On the other hand, non-believers look forward to Easter because of the Easter Bunny and the Easter egg hunt, which is always a fun activity to bond over as a family.
  • Speaking of family bonding, spring days are perfect for all kinds of get-togethers. You can all head out and have a picnic at a hill overlooking a beautiful sight. It’s also perfect for date nights when you get tired of going to restaurants and other cramped establishments. The crisp air is literally a breath of fresh air for you and your family. However, be extra cautious if you or anyone in your family have pollen allergies.

Spring is finally here. It’s time for a change, renewal, and new chances. Breathe in the crisp air, bask under the warm glow under the sun, and take advantage of the warmer weather. Aside from the favorable changes in the environment, this season’s change brings benefits to one’s wellbeing and personal growth. Take some time and spend some time outside, even for just a few minutes. Enjoy spring and don’t forget to bloom like a spring blossom too.

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