How to Have a Family Picnic Without Driving Far

As the weather starts to become friendlier and warmer, we can’t wait to spend more time staying and playing outdoors than to stay behind doors all day every day. Some go out and play, while others travel across towns to enjoy a change in scenery. Also, a rising outdoor activity that families and friends enjoy even without a celebration is picnics. People choose to pack some blankets and food, pick an area with a scenic view, and viola, a great time with family over good food with an even better view. But, what if you don’t want to travel far for a picnic lunch? Don’t worry because backyard picnics are rising the ranks.


Backyard Picnics with The Fam: Still a Picnic but Less the Pressure

What makes a picnic a picnic? The picnics we have now are different yet the same as how they started. The main difference is that picnics were famous among the elite society in France. When the grounds of the royal palace were opened, families from the high ranks of society spend their afternoons there to sip their tea and enjoy their biscuits. It’s also the perfect venue for families to socialize and build connections outside business deals. The other elements of the picnic basically stayed the same over the years.

From then on, picnics became an activity for everyone; from any walks of life. For couples who are out on their first date? A picnic on a hill is a perfect date idea. For friends who want to catch up after months of not seeing each other? A picnic at the park is perfect. Someone can even bring their dog to make the affair more eventful. And for families who want to spend some quality time together and to catch up, go on a picnic.


However, with the looming threat of a global pandemic, staying outdoors for long periods of time prove to be more dangerous than we expect it to be. This is why some families prefer backyard or front yard picnics. It’s less hassle, less dangerous, but still brings the same type of fun and comfort. With having picnics at home, you don’t have to wake up early to prepare all the things that you need to bring. You don’t have to wrestle with your children for them to prepare faster. All the pressure that comes with planning a picnic vanishes. You don’t need to worry about leaving anything behind because you can easily go back home and pick up what you need.

You don’t even have to miss out on the things that you love about going to picnics. If you love to dress up with your picnic outfit, you most definitely can. Even if you’re just at home, all of you can dress up as if you’re traveling somewhere else. An added benefit this time is that you can change your picnic outfit anytime you want.

Backyard Picnic Ideas for Your Family

Picnics at the back or front yard can also be just as good as camping trips or picnics at the park. Having your picnics at home also allows you to be more creative with the preparations.

One advantage of having at-home picnics is definitely the food. You can forego the usual picnic food of sandwiches and chips for something more substantial. You can also prepare as many types of food that you would like and not worry about how to transport the food safely from one place to another and without making any mess.

Another benefit of having a picnic within the confines of your home is that you can go extremes with the set-up. You can lay out several picnic mats, throw pillows, and even a low table to serve as your picnic set-up. You can even take out some fairy lights and other light fixtures and place them all around your backyard to create a better mood for the get-together. On the other hand, it can be as simple as you want it to be. If you just want to take out an old blanket and a couple of pillows, some books, and your favorite snacks, then go for it.

Backyard picnics are also perfect date night ideas especially when you have kids to take care of. For new parents, there’s always that reluctance to leave the children behind for the first time. In this way, having picnics in your yard can provide you and your partner some quiet alone time. At the same time, you can be at peace with the fact that your children are just a stone throw’s away from where you are so you can jump right in case something happens to them.

All in all, backyard picnics are perfect for families who want to spend some quality time together without the added pressure. There’s no need to spend too much. It also eases the pressure of all the needed preparations. It’s also the perfect activity for families who treat their pets as children because there’s clearly enough space for everyone to enjoy. Picnics are perfect for families who want to reconnect. For those who want to spend time outside of social media and the internet.

Low-budget Outdoor Activities for Families

If your family isn’t a fan of lounging around on picnic blankets, then there are other low-budget outdoor activities. Some of these might actually suit your taste.

Play Sports

If your family is more into playing sports more than anything, then you can pass some time by playing, teaching, and learning sports plays. Have some fun playing basketball, soccer, maybe even a little tennis or badminton in your yard. You can also have a little competition between the boys and girls. And if your children are old and capable enough, a little competition between parents and children will surely spark competitiveness from both parties. You can also swing by your local park to see if there are other families who are also into sports and maybe start friendly games between families.


Go for a Bike Ride

Biking is another enjoyable activity that appeals to everyone. Biking around the neighborhood or at the nearby park is a good family bonding. If you don’t have enough bikes for everyone, you can always take turns or you can also opt to rent some bikes if there are rentals available. Learning how to use the bike can also be a family affair. One can help steer the bike, another member helps navigate, and another can stay behind the bike and help push it to the right decision. You can also follow some bike trails to see the scenic view of your neighborhood.

Do Some Gardening

If you are lucky enough to have a spacious yard, then maybe you can spend some time with your family by starting a garden. Everyone can get involved even the little children, especially those who love to play with dirt. It’s time to use their preference for good use. You can ask each member of your family what their favorite flower is and plant it in your yard. Planting vegetables, herbs, and fruit-bearing trees are also a good idea. Make sure to research what kinds of plants thrive under the weather of your area too. Everyone in the family can also get involved in making some outdoor decorations to make the garden more beautiful. Arts and crafts activities are always fun with the family.  

Fly Kites

When you want to do some running and feel a good breeze of the wind, then kite-flying is the perfect activity for you. You can either buy a kite or build one from scratch. It’s also a fun activity to do with your family to hype up the actual day when you go out to fly the kite. There are also several kite designs to choose from so that’s definitely an added bonus in doing this activity. You can drive to the park or a wide-open field to enjoy your kite. Let your children hold the spool of rope, let them run around the park until the kite catches the wind. The moment you see your kite up in the sky is truly a magnificent feeling. You would want to do it again and again. Be careful of wires and tall trees though, you wouldn’t want to tangle your kites.

family bonding

Go Stargazing

And if everyone in your family is a fan of stars and other heavenly bodies, then you wouldn’t pass up any chance to do some stargazing. Even without high-tech equipment, there’s a beauty in watching the moon and the stars twinkle high up in the sky on clear nights. Stargazing is another family bonding activity that you don’t need to spend much to enjoy every moment of it. You can take turns in pointing out constellations and talk about its story. Most constellations have stories from different mythologies which are always a joy to talk about. If not, you can always make your own stories and connect the stars to make your own figures.


Picnics are a fun way to enjoy nature, food, and company. It doesn’t need to grand nor expensive as the popularity of backyard picnics is on the rise. It’s amazing how it was once an activity solely for the rich, but now it’s trickled its way to the masses. It can even be enjoyed by everyone in the comforts of their own homes. Backyard picnics or not, this get-together has become a favorite among families to enjoy each other’s presence and to reconnect.

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