28 weeks pregnant

You’re 28 Weeks Pregnant: What You Need to Know

You are finally at the third trimester of your pregnancy. Way to go, soon-to-be mom! This week is going to be an exhausting week, so grab a book, listen to calming music, and rest as much as you can.

How Big Is My Baby?

By this week, your baby is as big as kabocha squash with approximately 15 inches in length and 36 ounces in weight. Your baby continues to bulk up by gaining more weight this week, so he or she may look like a real newborn child now with a perfectly formed body.

A photo of kombucha squashes piled on top of one another
Your baby's about the size of a kabocha squash (or Japanese pumpkin) by now!

My Baby’s Development

Since your pregnancy is now at the third and last trimester, your baby starts to open his or her eyes and practice blinking. Furthermore, the pigments in his or her eyes are a lot better than the past few weeks but expect that their colour isn’t final yet. The colour is still subject to changes from six to 12 months.

One of the exciting developments during this time is brain development. Your baby’s brain continues to develop in preparation for the outside world. He or she may experience consciousness inside the womb. Along with that, your baby can also control his or her body temperature as a result of the advancement of the central nervous system.

What Is My Baby Doing?

At 28 weeks, your baby can do a lot of activities inside the womb such as blinking, smelling, hiccupping, producing tears, and dreaming. So if you feel some periodic vibration or tickling feeling inside, he or she is probably hiccupping. What an amazing week it has been! Feeling the sensation inside your body could bring joy, comfort, and bond with your little one.

Belly Ultrasound

This week is a perfect time to trace your baby’s body movements because he or she is a lot more active than the previous week. You may find your baby resting or kicking after meals. Also, you’ll be able to see the wave movements of the hair and how much it has grown in your baby.

Regarding its position, it may look a bit weird during this time because your baby’s head together with his or her feet and buttocks is facing down inside the womb. This position is commonly known as the breech. But do not worry too much because it is normal and your baby will eventually find it’s comfortable position in a few weeks.

My Changing Body—Week 28

Are you feeling out of breath or too tired most of the time? Do not worry because it is normal this week. Your body is still adjusting to many changes like the growth of the uterus. At 28 weeks, you will also feel that your metabolism has increased in speed unlike before to make up for the body weight you gained.

In addition, a lot of mothers during this week recount that they are experiencing nightmares during sleep and production of fluid in the nipples in preparation for breastfeeding.


Common Symptoms

A common condition occurring at the final trimester of your pregnancy is preeclampsia. It is not something you must ignore in the course of your journey because it may result in life-threatening problems like liver and kidney malfunctions. It usually appears when you are reaching your due date; hence, it is important that you are aware of the following symptoms.

  1. Puffiness of the whole face especially at the eye area
  2. Speedy gaining of weight
  3. Severe headaches
  4. Vision problems such as blurring, spotting, sensitivity to lights, and temporary loss of sight
  5. Morning sickness
  6. Severe abdominal and back pain
  7. Hemorrhoids

How Is My Life Changing?

Aside from physical changes, you also experience a lot of emotional changes. Just the feeling and the look of being 28 weeks pregnant make you think that your life seems to revolve around your upcoming baby.

If you are a working mom, work would be probably getting into your nerves now, so it is best that you already take your maternity leave. You will gradually feel the longing for your old self, but be strong and courageous because everything will be worth it by the time of delivery.

Week 28 Mommy Checklist

The following checklist is something that could help you divert attention and be more positive about your pregnancy.

  1. Start scheduling your prenatal visit for week 30.
  2. Bond with your baby by counting his or her kicks.
  3. Do not forget to relax by listening to calming music and getting rest.
  4. Always research on different options of pain relief for your upcoming labour.
  5. Do some home stretching to prevent skeletal pain.
  6. Write your birth plan and how you are going to deliver the baby.
  7. Enrol in a childbirth class.

Tips For The Partners

For partners, it is important to always offer both physical and mental support to the pregnant mother. They may be experiencing anxieties due to body and life changes. Be ready to fight emotionally and financially as you will be welcoming a blessing in a few weeks. Also, plan everything with her about the pain relief option in delivering the baby to minimise birth problems.


A Sneak Peek To Your Week 29

The following week is going to be a lot different and a lot heavier than the 28th week. You will witness a lot of incredible changes and development not only in your baby but also in your body. Be ready to face the 29th week with a lot of patience and strong will!

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