25 weeks pregnant

You’re 25 Weeks Pregnant: What You Need to Know

You are 25 weeks pregnant now! You might be a little scared now that your due date is getting closer. At the same time, you must be really excited since you will soon get a hold of your little bundle of joy. Worry no more, we’ll be here to support you all the way.

How Big Is My Baby

At the 25th week, your baby’s head may be now as big as a cauliflower. Your baby’s height measures around 13.6 inches and his or her weight will range around 22.4 to 25.6 ounces on average.

Abbey holding a cauliflower
Your baby's head has grown as big as a cauliflower! How awesome is that?

My Baby’s Development

The capillaries are now forming under the skin of your baby. They fill the body with blood, resulting in a pinker skin complexion. These blood vessels also help complete the development of the baby’s lungs which will eventually help him or her breathe for the first time.

What Is My Baby Doing?

At this time, your baby’s nose is starting to work already. It helps them practice breathing. Remember, however, that there is no air inside the womb. What they are breathing is only amniotic fluid. Aside from this, they are also capable of smelling some scents in the uterus by week 25.

Belly Ultrasound

If you take a peek at the image of your baby’s ultrasound, you will probably notice the complete development of his or her ears. It will show their newfound shape, including the opening hole on the center. Although the hearing of the baby is still rudimentary, he or she will be able to recognize your voice since they constantly hear it while they are inside the uterus.

My Changing Body—Week 25

If you are carrying a single child, you might find yourself adding 15 to 18 pounds in total to your weight. But if you are pregnant with twins, your weight gain might range around 25 to 40 pounds. Also this week, your baby bump is noticeably bigger. You might find yourself having a hard time eating at a table or washing the dishes since your belly will be on the way.

Common Symptoms

Even if you are feeling a little bit better this week, you may still be experiencing some tiredness because of your now bigger baby. Some symptoms you might feel at week 25 are the following:

  • Frequent Urination - Since your baby is crowding your whole bladder, there is only a little space for you to store your liquids. Hence, you might pee more frequently now.
  • Difficulty in Sleeping - There are a variety of reasons why you can’t sleep that much.  It might be your hormones, the growing size of your baby, or you getting nervous about your looming delivery date. Whatever it is, it contributes to your troubled sleep.
  • Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS) - You might feel an uncomfortable tingling in your legs. It is a symptom of iron deficiency anemia which mothers usually experience at this stage.
  • Hemorrhoid - Hemorrhoid is a common symptom at the later part of the pregnancy. Swollen varicose veins characterize this. Your baby putting too much pressure on some areas of your digestive tract causes this.
  • Snoring - Since there is increased blood flow to your nose’s mucous membranes, there is a large chance that you will regularly snore. That’s pretty normal at this stage. But if you find your snoring as something that interferes your sleep, make sure to consult your medical practitioner since you might be experiencing apnea.
  • Braxton Hicks Contractions - On average, moms experience these “practice contractions” on their 28th week. However, some moms find themselves with Braxton Hicks contractions this early. If you have this, you might notice that your uterus gets tight for a short time then instantly goes back to normal.

How Is My Life Changing

At this month, you are probably adding a little bit more weight to your body. This rapid weight gain can be a source of your anxiety, which sometimes leads to depression. The huge amount of water inside your body causes this jump in your weight. Remember, these weight fluctuations are normal.

If you can’t stand this additional weight, make sure to involve yourself with some reducing practices. Try sweating these extra pounds through exercise. Make sure to eat a healthy diet as well.

Week 25 Mommy Checklist

Here are some reminders for you to accomplish this week:

  • If you haven’t had it yet, start planning your baby shower.
  • Buy your on-trend maternity clothes.
  • Plan for your maternity leave.
  • Finalize your baby’s name.
  • Go for a final trip before your delivery.

Tips For The Partners

Take the mother out for one last trip. As the weeks pass by, it might be more difficult for her to move properly with a growing belly. Hence, this might be the perfect time for a quick getaway.

Make sure to prepare everything on your own. Do not burden her with the preparation. It might cause some complications if she is under too much stress.

A Sneak Peek To Your Week 26

Ready yourself because you might experience preeclampsia, a serious condition usually characterized by an increase in blood pressure.  Although this complication commonly occurs at week 37, some mothers may start showing warning signs at this stage.

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